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I really appreciate knowing you -- from afar -- and feel your purity and love whenever I visit your website and tune in to your energies. It comes across loud and clear intuitively. Karenna C.
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  Joni Patry

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2014 World Predictions

Joni’s Vedic Astrology World Predictions for 2014


Personal Predictions

Joni’s 2014 Vedic Astrology Predictions for all 12 Signs.

News from the Stars July 2012
The planets have an effect on world events, and the hard aspects of July will result in big events that will shift the world.
Spiritual Insights July 2012
This new wave of consciousness has inspired me to seek deeper the Mystery of Life, which has activated an even deeper appreciation of astrological knowledge. Since astrology is the oldest science and is the eyes of the Vedas, it can never be lost.
News from the Stars June 2012
This month has many extreme events for good and bad. It will be a roller coaster ride with ups and downs. Jupiter, Venus and Ketu are in Taurus. The benefic energy surrounding Ketu indicates deep spiritual revelations. Events will be opening spiritual portals. Opportunities for peace will be transpiring from spiritual forces. Taurus is the sign pertaining to banks and wealth. Hope for economic growth will return through uncovering the truth.
Spiritual Insights June 2012
The world is changing, everyone can feel a shift. With this new sense of uncertainty we are entering a wave of the unknown. This will provoke many deep feelings. Some will interpret this feeling as excitement, adventure, opportunity, fear or doom. Actually, it is a tidal wave of transformation. Those who embrace change will prosper and grow while those who fear change will be paralyzed with fear.
Announcements 2012
May 24th-29th UAC (United Astrology Conference) 
How to Find Money in a Chart 

Session 6: Saturday, May 26, 2012, 11:00 AM - 12:15 PM 
How to Predict a Sudden Rise in Life 

Session 16: Monday, May 28, 2012, 4:30 PM - 5:45 PM 

Webinars devoted to the Moksha houses: June 15th on the 8th house
News from the Stars May 2012

Astrological Predictions 

A solar eclipse in Taurus occurs on May 20th with Mars and Neptune square. The world will wake up to the reality of the grave economic conditions that have been denied.

Spiritual Insights May 2012

A controlling force in humankind is the need to feel a connection with others. When in love, you radiate with happiness as you feel energetically connected, whole and complete.

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"My goal and commitment is to enlighten others through astrology by celebrating their life, to help them find meaning, purpose, and direction, and to assist them in the process of healing their body, mind and spirit. This will open their heart to love, joy and unity."
-- Joni Patry
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