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Thank you for the wonderful and very helpful readings for myself and my son. So much was clarified, and it was so much fun! ... Laura W.
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Spiritual Insights March 2012

Get ready, times are changing NOW! The transformation I wrote about in my new book Transformation of Consciousness 2012 and Beyond are now taking place and are about to develop into a year of monumental change. As many of you know, I wrote about the fuel prices rising to an all time high for the month of March.

News from the Stars March 2012

This month will have many surprizing reversals and sudden changes. The rising prices of fuel instills great fear and creates big losses for the econonomy. But it is being manipulated by the hidden agendas of powers that control the world. Hate and anger cause great strife inducing greed and hoarding. Deep rooted anger will promote retaliation globally and individually. Most focus on the losses but there are enormous opportunities for those who are not consumed with fear. Many new industries are beginning to offset the dependance on oil. Look to the rising opportunities for new fuel alternatives. The powers that control the world and economy are getting ready for the big shift that will take place.

Whitney Houston
When  someone leaves this world we pay tribute to their lives. Celebrities who live their lives under a microscope can give us our greatest insights into the perils of life of being rich and famous.   Whitney Houston was the most awarded female act of all time. She was a singer, actress, model and producer. But most of all, she was noted for her exceptional voice. 

News from the Stars February 2012
While Mars is retrograde, Saturn will also turn retrograde February 7th. Lack of vitality and displaced anger surfaces frustration that lead to disputes that can be crippling to the world and the economy. As Mars begins to face off in opposition with Neptune, the prices of oil will escalate due to unresolved anger. There are undisclosed matters that are hidden from the public. This is leading to world destruction financially, for higher fuel prices cost many businesses dearly.
Spiritual Insights February 2012
Mars will be retrograde from January 23 till April 13th. Mars is known as the planet of war and anger but, on closer inspection, it is the power that gives us life. We all need Mars in our lives for it has to do with energy. It rules blood and circulation that oxygenates our bodies. Blood and the color red give energy and our life force. Without a strong Mars in a chart, nothing can be accomplished, for Mars rules ambition, drive and assertive force.
Happy New Year! January 2012 Predictions

*2012 can be the year to realize your dreams and find happiness

*Everything has sped up and the veil of illusion is lifted

*There is a window of opportunity for growth that will lead to a new spiritual awareness

*Those who choose to ignore the truth will have a very uncomfortable year ahead

*Those who choose to change and accept the truth will have an enlightening year

*Opportunities to uncover what blocks you from finding your happiness will be surfaced

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"If you are coming from a place of a compassionate heart then you will have a feeling of peace, love and contentment. You will attract others with the same sense of happiness in their life. Compassion comes from a place of understanding."
-- Joni Patry, from her soon to be published book, Awaken To The Truth
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