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Thank you for the wonderful and very helpful readings for myself and my son. So much was clarified, and it was so much fun! ... Laura W.
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Spiritual Insights April 2011
Why is there so much suffering in this world today? And why must we suffer? For me the quest to understand Suffering has been one of my greatest gifts because this quest to understand suffering in this world has lead me to Spirituality. Through the pain of suffering we are driven to seek a way out which leads us to seek the only release which comes from a spiritual quest, which leads us to self realization or God.
Earth Quakes Affecting the USA

There are certain aspects pertaining to this chart of the USA that indicates coming Earth Quakes. When will the “Big One” hit?

Muammar Gaddafi
Muammar Gaddafi is a dictator who is slaughtering his own people to remain in power of his country Libya. I have rectified his chart, which means I have figured out his time of birth through the events in his life. In case you don’t know the past history of Gaddafi, he was the instigator of the Pan Am Airliner crash in Lockerbie, Scotland killing 272 people December 21, 1988. He bombed a night club “La Belle” in West Berlin, Germany April 5,, 1986 killing 229 people. President Ronald Reagan retaliated to the bombing in Germany and bombed his country killing Gaddafi’s adopted daughter April 14, 1986. I am sure Gaddafi’s anger has been festering towards the US since this time. With this personal hurt he will not stop at anything to get back at his foreseen enemies.
Predictions for Earth Quakes and Japan
Predictions for Earth Quakes and Japan

March 11, 2011 Japan has experienced the worse earth quake in Japanese history, an 8.9 earth quake!
Since I have had a Japanese website for the past few years I take personal interest in the Japanese culture and well being. In my predictions I wrote in February for my Japanese website, I gave a dire warning!
Japan is under a dangerous planetary period now and must be aware of the potential for earth quakes. Between now and summer there is the potential for earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and tsunamis. Neighboring countries can be a threat in terms of the potential for warlike attacks. Overall this is a violent month around the world and Japan seems to be right in the path of destruction”.
Charlie Sheen
Charlie Sheen is a victim of the curse of fame and fortune when it comes too fast and too early. The first thing I see looking at his chart is his Moon in the 8th house in the nakshatra Mula. This can be one of the most self destructive nakshatras, and in the 8th house this can point to deep hidden psychological issues. Jupiter is opposed his Moon in Gemini in the 2nd house. Jupiter by opposition aspects the 8th house and rules this house of Sagittarius. This means Jupiter adds to the energy of this deep profound psychological house. The most fascinating thing of all is the fact that transiting Ketu currently is directly on his Jupiter (4 degrees of Gemini) and transiting Rahu will soon conjunct his Moon in the 8th house (2 degrees of Sagittarius). Transiting Rahu on the Moon will magnify the psychological patterns in his mind, and in the 8th house it can pull up deep issues that have affected him throughout his life.
Spiritual Insights - March 2011

The relevant issue concerning our planet and lives currently pertains to Mars, which has been traveling alongside the Sun since last December 2010 and will continue till May of 2011. Mars is the planet of war, anger, ambition and courage. Issues of anger plague our world and our life. Anger is a natural emotion which can direct us as to what we need to heal in our world and own lives.

Even though the mass confusion and rebellion looks like war and destruction, it is actually a healing for the many problems that plague our planet. Destruction is sometimes necessary to create a better world. The Civil war in America in which the people who came to this country for freedom still had to fightfor their rights, and this bloody war killed more people historically in a single day, which was September 17th, 1862 in Antietam, Maryland. About 23,000 lost the lives and 16,000 were wounded. In a world of duality there cannot be total peace for the lessons we are here to learn pertain to finding balance. As the planets line up in Pisces they will oppose Saturn, and oppositions are always about bringing into balance that which has gotten out of balance. This is a very intense time on planet Earth and what appears as mass destruction is actually a cleansing and balancing.

The world is growing and expanding. The old worn out ideals are not working for the next generation who feel they must rebel against the generations of the past. This rebellion taking place currently is a natural process that has occurred throughout mankind

News from the Stars - March 2011

Planetary Predictions and Aspects for March 2011

03/06 Mercury enters Pisces: Mercury is the planet of the thinking mind, whereas the Moon is our natural intelligence and the knowing mind, Mercury pertains to how the mind receives and processes information. Therefore, while Mercury is in the sign of Pisces we must make an effort to make information clear because our communications are likely to be misinterpreted. Pisces is the sign of debilitation for Mercury and this means communications are unclear and can be misunderstood. Take the time and effort to make your intentions clear and the usual miscommunications will be avoided. While Mercury is in the sign of Pisces it will be approaching Jupiter and Uranus and all at the same time squaring Rahu and Pluto and opposing Saturn. Our minds are processing so much information with the emotional drama of many feelings that will make most people feel overwhelmed and conflicted. Try to stay grounded during this turbulent time. The world is in a state of flux and transformation. The major transits of Jupiter, Uranus, Saturn, Pluto, Rahu and Ketu are being activated by the faster moving planets this month and April. Uranus the planet of rebellion and change has activated groups around the world who are making a stand for freedom and their rights. This is occurring in the Middle East, Egypt, Libya and even the state of Wisconsin. The fact that the planets are lining up this month in Aquarius will bring healing through the group consciousness of Aquarius and much will be completed when the planets all converge in Pisces the sign of resolution, for Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac.

03/08 Mercury square Rahu, 03/09 Mercury conjunct Uranus: The mind as we process information takes on an obsessive nature with Mercury square Rahu, for this means Mercury is at the midpoint of the nodal axis, Rahu and Ketu. The world will seem obsessed with issues that pertain to rebellion and change for this is the issue that consumes planet Uranus.

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"Nothing feels worse than the feeling of no control, no choice or freedom. It is like being a child in an abusive home; there is no hope, no way out. But the suggestion that we have free will, the freedom to choose our life and destiny, is invigorating and frees the spirit"
-- Joni Patry, from her book, Eastern Astrology for Western Minds
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