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July 2010 News from the Stars
This is the month I have been focused on for many years prior to this event. The planetary aspects reach a culmination point forming the Grand Cross in the sky. This has been building for some time, and as you know, so have events in our world.

The Astrological Aspects That Are Occurring
The opposition between Saturn and Uranus, the square of Saturn to Pluto and now Jupiter has joined the conjunction with Uranus and it also opposes Saturn. Now we are going to have a Solar Eclipse on July 11th that will be part of this grand cross. Rahu (North Node of Moon) and Ketu (South Node of Moon) conjoin Pluto will conjunct Rahu and Ketu opposing. This is HUGE! This November Pluto will exactly conjunct Rahu which will create more explosive events. This is occurring in the mutable signs Pisces, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Gemini. If you have personal planets in your chart around theses degrees this will affect you personally.

It seems some very ominous events have occurred on the same date that the oilrig in the Gulf of Mexico exploded, April 20, 2010. On the day of April 20, 1999, the shootings at Columbine High school occurred. On April 19, 1995, the Oklahoma City bombing happened, and April 20th was the birth date of Adolph Hitler. So what does this day have in common astrologically?
Understanding the Duality of Life
As we live our lives amongst all the busy events we often wonder “why are we here, where did we come from, where do we go, and what is the purpose for all this seeming chaos?” We are born here with no information and are taught from an early age many reasons to explain these mysteries of life. So much is misunderstood. Myths and parables are taught at an early age to make sense of the mystery that is our life.
We tend to complicate things more with scientific knowledge that seems to explain the unexplainable then excluding the most important essence of life. The most important essence of life is the power that gives life. That is the essence that gives life to every living creature. This has many words but the essence is the same and different semantics confuse many believing their essence is different due to a different label placed on this source. Some call it God, Spirit, the Force, Light, Cosmic Consciousness, the Divine or the Universe to name a few. It doesn’t matter what name we place on it, but we must agree we are all a part of this energy that gives us life.
What's in the News - 2010 BP Oil Spill
It seems some very ominous events have occurred on the same date that the oilrig in the Gulf of Mexico exploded, April 20, 2010. On the day of April 20, 1999 the shootings at Columbine High school occurred. On April 19, 1995 the Oklahoma City bombing happened, and April 20th was the birth date of Adolph Hitler.

So what does this day have in common astrologically? The Sun would be in the same portion of the zodiac which is around 6 degrees Aries sidereal (0 degrees of Taurus tropical). The fixed star located here is Mira which deals with perseverance, versatility, endurance with solving problems but with unhelpful connections it deals with failures, fiascos, enmity, and suicide. Also, the fixed star  El-Scheratain “the left horn of the Ram” is at this point. This is a violent star, combining Martian and Saturnian powers, it indicates danger when acting impulsively, it is explosive and destructive. Robert Oppenheimer was born April 22nd close to this day. He invented the hydrogen bomb which killed many people.
How to Predict a Sudden Rise in Life

The Trine with Jupiter and Rahu and the Transiting Stations

Nortwest Institute of Vedic Sciences Conference
Seattle, WA
for June 20, 2010
© Joni Patry

Initially when one begins the study of astrology it is believed that all events can be predicted in a chart. The chart is a map of the karmas of a soul. There is a promise indicated in every chart but the probability of it all coming to fruition is definitely tempered by the fact that we all have free will. But some events seem predestined. It is our choices and how we operate within the apparent destined events of life that can shift our soul development. Much of our free will is developed through our thinking process for we can choose how we think and the choices we make within the apparent destined events.  I believe some events are fated or predestined and our choices within these events can shape and change our lives.
June 2010 News from the Stars
The end of May was a turning point, for Saturn finally turned direct on May 30 and Mars finally shifted out of Cancer where it was since October 2009. The heaviness of Saturn while it stationed before it turning direct was stifling. As planets change directions from either retrograde to direct, or direct to retrograde, they seem to stand still and it takes a while before they begin to pick up speed and finally start to function normally again. Stationing planets make for the most potent events and their degrees that they make them station must be noted, for if they are closely aspecting a natal planet in your chart the effects will be monumental. The degrees that all the planets station at is listed in my page on my website on Retrogades 2010 .

Saturn is stationed at 3-4 degrees Virgo and will begin to move on after this month. Saturn rules business and this has really stifled many businesses and may have even terminated many. Additionally, Saturn has been opposing Jupiter, which can also cause delays and setbacks in the business world. People feel stuck with no ambition or inspiration. This will shift as Jupiter moves away from the exact opposition with Saturn.

Warning!  Spoil Alert! Do not read this if you do not want to know the ending to TV series “LOST.”

After contemplating about the last and final episode of the TV show “LOST,” I had a very meaningful revelation. Interestingly, I had not watched the show before but decided with all the commotion I was going to watch it to see what the buzz was about. I was not familiar with any of the characters and found it very hard to follow. It continually jumped from one scene to the other with no explanation of what was going on. I guess you really needed to see it from the beginning to be able to follow it.
The Jupiter Effect - A New Reading
I have devised a special Vedic astrology reading for future events. Astrology is an incredible tool for guidance and one should take note of the positive energy of Jupiter shifting signs. This will give clues of where your own positive energy can take root and begin to rebuild life, give hope and direction for the year to come (May 2010 to May 2011). Jupiter in the sign of Pisces will give prosperity, new hope, love and compassion. The last time Jupiter was in Pisces was 1998-1999. This was a time of prosperity and growth. Additionally, Jupiter will combine with Uranus causing explosive effects. This can be seen as sudden shifts of fortune for those who have planets aspecting this combination. This will be a very exciting time in history.

It can affect your life in a very positive way. A focus on this configuration and your own chart will reveal the effects this will have on you personally. You can use this time to expand and grow through the area of your chart indicated by the transit of Jupiter. Be aware and conscious and take heed of this rare opportunity forming in the heavens. Remember this energy can destroy or heal, with awareness you can use this powerful energy to heal and produce growth in your life.

The NEW astrological reading discovers the new and positive energies that are coming into play for you NOW. How will you be effected personally? Schedule a Jupiter Effect Vedic astrology reading.
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"...the moksah houses are the deep side of our soul, that which we do not know or understand. They are the mystery of life."
-- Joni Patry, from her book, Eastern Astrology for Western Minds
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