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I had a reading with you about 3 years ago during a very tumultuous and challenging time in my life. Things were not going well on any level. My spirit was pretty much dead. You provided some much needed direction for me that really worked out in the most incredible way. I was so much wanting to bring a baby into my life. You suggested I take a trip to Maui (to lay fertile ground) and look to international adoption. I took the trip to Maui and I recently came home with my 2.5 month old adopted daughter from Ethiopia. She is a miracle! Needless to say I am feeling much better and my spirit has been restored. ...Nancy M.
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The Royal Wedding Prince William and Kate Middleton

The Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton 

The royal wedding has the media and public mesmerized by the fairy tale idea of a commoner becoming a queen. Everyone wants to believe in fairy tales and living happily ever after, this is a part of the intrigue of this royal wedding. Here we will analyze the charts and lives of Kate Middleton, Prince William and the royal wedding chart.  If you believe in fairy tales read my Spiritual Insights, for my story of a real life fairy tale.
News from the Stars May 2011

May is definitely a turning point astrologically. Finally Mars and the Sun are beginning to separate from being in the same sign for the last four months. The heat and anger of Mars with the Sun has caused the social uprising and rebellion against the governments that controlled and limited the people of many nations around the world. Everyone seems to be angry about something.

May 8th Jupiter will enter into Aries where it will remain for a year. The entire temperament of the world will begin to be more progressive. The setbacks and delays that have angered and upset the world are changing and forward movement in all affairs brings completion and a sense of accomplishment.

May 11th is a very fortunate day for all three benefics Jupiter, Venus and Mercury will conjunct at 0 degrees of Aries. This creates Saraswati yoga when all three benefics are together. Saraswati yoga represents learning and art, for Saraswati was the goddess of wisdom, learning and the arts. Which means there will be a new interest in the areas of the arts. There will be an opening to the mind which can open awareness and consciousness. It seems there has been ignorance prevailing throughout this dark period of economic crisis and magnified fear. Fear will block creativity and forward movement in ideas and progress.

Elizabeth Taylor
Elizabeth Taylor was a legendary icon from the glamorous hay day of Hollywood and movies. Known for her style, beauty, and talent, she held the title for the most beautiful woman in the world, noted for her violet eyes. Her scandalous affairs and her eight marriages made her the star of the tabloids.
News from the Stars April 2011
The New Moon chart in Pisces (Shukla Paksha Pratipada) is used in India to give the predictions for the coming year till the next New Moon in Pisces. To see how this chart affects different countries the longitude and latitude of the country is used. The time is determined by the New Moon. The ascendant changes according to the longitude and latitude placing the planets in the different houses.
The MOST significant aspect for this month is the exact conjunction of Mars with Uranus. Mars is energy, aggression, anger, war, blood and accidents and combined with Uranus the planet of rebellion, revolution, earth quakes, sudden unexpected change, and awakenings, explains why the world is going through events concerning the nature both these planets. But the keyword here that is most important is “Awakening”! Through all these extreme world events we will all come to terms with our own issues of anger and rebellion that will shake our world to a new awakening.
Spiritual Insights April 2011
Why is there so much suffering in this world today? And why must we suffer? For me the quest to understand Suffering has been one of my greatest gifts because this quest to understand suffering in this world has lead me to Spirituality. Through the pain of suffering we are driven to seek a way out which leads us to seek the only release which comes from a spiritual quest, which leads us to self realization or God.
Earth Quakes Affecting the USA

There are certain aspects pertaining to this chart of the USA that indicates coming Earth Quakes. When will the “Big One” hit?

Muammar Gaddafi
Muammar Gaddafi is a dictator who is slaughtering his own people to remain in power of his country Libya. I have rectified his chart, which means I have figured out his time of birth through the events in his life. In case you don’t know the past history of Gaddafi, he was the instigator of the Pan Am Airliner crash in Lockerbie, Scotland killing 272 people December 21, 1988. He bombed a night club “La Belle” in West Berlin, Germany April 5,, 1986 killing 229 people. President Ronald Reagan retaliated to the bombing in Germany and bombed his country killing Gaddafi’s adopted daughter April 14, 1986. I am sure Gaddafi’s anger has been festering towards the US since this time. With this personal hurt he will not stop at anything to get back at his foreseen enemies.
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"Nothing feels worse than the feeling of no control, no choice or freedom. It is like being a child in an abusive home; there is no hope, no way out. But the suggestion that we have free will, the freedom to choose our life and destiny, is invigorating and frees the spirit"
-- Joni Patry, from her book, Eastern Astrology for Western Minds
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