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You helped me so much I that can't even begin to thank you enough. I listened to the tapes about 20 times! I feel so much hope and happiness resonating each time I listen to them! Mishan I.
Member - Council of Vedic AStrology
  Joni Patry
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Who's in the News - Susan Boyle
Susan Boyle was born April 1, 1961 at 9:50 am in Blackburn, West Lothian, Scotland. The overnight sensation, Susan Boyle has come into her dream of being a famous singer but little did she know how the stress of fame would affect her life. Boyle came from a simple background, where she was teased as a kid for her poor grades in school and plain appearance. Susan cared for her mother until she passed away in 2007 at age 91. Her mother inspired her to compete in Britain’s Got Talent, so as a tribute to her mother she finally went for it. It was in 2009 that she acquired worldwide acclaim and her life changed dramatically overnight. Susan was born under a powerful Full Moon indicating someone who will rise to brightness at some point in her life. The Sun is the planet that represents her career and it is placed in the 10th house of fame. In 2009 transiting Jupiter gave her a sudden boost of luck and fortune. Last year was particularly good for wealth, money and notoriety.
Saying Goodbye to My Friend Diana
Diana Riviere was one of the closest and dearest friends I have had in this lifetime. It all began through a local astrological event held down the street from my new Center. It was at the Heart Song Center where I gave my predictions for the New Year and in the very small audience was my soon to be best friend Diana. I had just founded the Dallas Metaphysical Center where I offered an array of metaphysical classes. I had just had my third son so I know the year was 1995. We began sharing our astrological knowledge and became friends.

She had just moved from Connecticut and had a job as a top sales director for a computer company. She was so dynamic and I was impressed that she could be at the top of her field in a male dominated world. She was a free spirit, managing to begin an entire new life in Texas where it must have seemed like another planet from where she came.

Diana was always searching for a better life and seeking more information whether it was in astrology, mysticism or alchemy.
February 2010 - News from the Stars
friendsOptimism should run high this month with the New moon in Aquarius conjunct Jupiter and Venus. This is a very mystical and positive time for awareness and consciousness and I encourage everyone to take full advantage of this positive energy. However, upon taking a closer look, all is not as it seems, for Neptune is tied into this conjunction representing the possibility of delusion and deception occurring. Furthermore, these planets here in Aquarius are in a prefect Yod with Saturn and Mars. This can represent Divine intervention for the Yod aspect is termed the “Finger of God.” It is a bizarre time in history and it feels like we are in between huge upsets that are brewing beneath the surface. It is truly a wake up time for humanity.

One manifestation of the configuration of the new Moon (February 13, 2010) conjunct Neptune, Venus and Jupiter is it can produce high creativity and romance. Music, movies, film and discoveries are manifesting now and will make planet Earth a happier, easier place to be now.
January 2010 News from the Stars

Happy New Year!

elephant sculptureMany are wondering what this New Year will bring. We have hope that the New Year will erase the past and start a new beginning without all the problems of 2009. We want a clean slate. There is a change in optimism for a more promising year. Jupiter the planet of prosperity, truth, and spirituality has changed signs into Aquarius. In 2009 Jupiter was in the worse possible placement, therefore producing a lack of all the attributes that Jupiter rules. Jupiter in Aquarius will promote a new attitude of hope and prosperity. But there are other planetary influences at work now that will cause other problems. Knowing there is a Divine order to everything helps us understand the process and enfoldment of events. Everything happens for a reason and is growth producing.

Beginning this year we start out with Mercury retrograde conjunct Rahu. This means Mercury is involved in the eclipses occurring in January. Mercury rules learning, thinking and perceptions of the mind. Rahu produces obsessive-compulsive behavior. This conjunction is occurring in the sign of Sagittarius indicating obsessive-compulsive behavior concerning beliefs and religious fanaticism.
Vedic Astrology Classes Start in January
There have been many requests that I have Vedic astrology classes. So, with Jupiter now in Aquarius, I will be teaching live classes again! Classes will be held at our restaurant (Patry's), where the Galactic Center offices also.

The Beginning Vedic Astrology classes cover the basics of Vedic astrology. We meet each Monday night for 5 weeks, starting on January 18th from 7:00 to 9:00 pm.

The Intermediate Vedic Astrology classes cover prediction, transits and dashas. We meet each Monday night for 5 weeks, starting March 1st from 7:00 to 9:00 pm.

Also in the works is a webinar class for intermediate to advanced level astrologers. In this class we will apply the techniques of Vedic astrology to people and events currently in the news.

I look forward to teaching all my former students and new ones too who live around the world. I may have to open up classes for those in other countries. Let me know if you are interested and I can arrange the same classes at different times to accommodate the European time zones.

Visit the Training page for more details...
Vedic Astrology Brief - Chakras Part II
(This Vedic astrology brief picks up where the last lesson left off.)

Healing the Chakras is essential to our physical and spiritual growth. For when there is any disease within the body it represents there is an imbalance within the chakras or the body’s energy centers. These energy centers control the glandular functions in the body. The chakras are our energy centers that are connected to the many dimensions and to our Universe. When someone reaches a state of enlightenment these energy centers open and we experience the Universal flow of energy. Each of these centers are vitally important to our entire balance and functioning.  Balance of all the chakras gives perfect health and well being.
Predictions for Japan - January 2010
A positive outlook on the financial climate promotes more optimism in spending and expansion in the economy. The government is implementing new projects to increase jobs and wealth.

The real estate market is on fire. More people are deciding to buy and upgrade in the real estate market in Japan, for the rates and opportunities for great deals are opening up this market. More businesses are opening in Japan creating the need for more housing.
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"...the moksah houses are the deep side of our soul, that which we do not know or understand. They are the mystery of life."
-- Joni Patry, from her book, Eastern Astrology for Western Minds
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