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Whoa! I keep re-reading your November predictions. Wow! How does it feel to be so incredibly accurate about the world situation? I hope that it feels great! ... Laura N.
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2012 April 20th (Friday) 7:00pm-9:00pm

Spiritual Insights April 2012

Currently, there is a sense that everything is in a holding pattern. And in essence it is! Have you felt like nothing seems to be making progress and you feel stuck? Well, you are not alone. But the real issue is that there is much being processed and incubated during this time.

News from the Stars April 2012
Astrological Predictions

Mars will oppose Neptune while it turns direct at the midpoint of Rahu and Ketu. Rahu and Ketu always travel backwards while Mars is retrograde slowing down to station. This is a very dangerous time especially since they seem to be traveling backwards around the same motion. Extreme tension will cause crises to break worldwide.

Spiritual Insights March 2012

Get ready, times are changing NOW! The transformation I wrote about in my new book Transformation of Consciousness 2012 and Beyond are now taking place and are about to develop into a year of monumental change. As many of you know, I wrote about the fuel prices rising to an all time high for the month of March.

News from the Stars March 2012

This month will have many surprizing reversals and sudden changes. The rising prices of fuel instills great fear and creates big losses for the econonomy. But it is being manipulated by the hidden agendas of powers that control the world. Hate and anger cause great strife inducing greed and hoarding. Deep rooted anger will promote retaliation globally and individually. Most focus on the losses but there are enormous opportunities for those who are not consumed with fear. Many new industries are beginning to offset the dependance on oil. Look to the rising opportunities for new fuel alternatives. The powers that control the world and economy are getting ready for the big shift that will take place.

Whitney Houston
When  someone leaves this world we pay tribute to their lives. Celebrities who live their lives under a microscope can give us our greatest insights into the perils of life of being rich and famous.   Whitney Houston was the most awarded female act of all time. She was a singer, actress, model and producer. But most of all, she was noted for her exceptional voice. 

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"You will come to a point where you understand why you are here. You will understand that each and every person you perceived as a threat or who hurt you gave you the divine insight into the issues and feelings you needed to release. It is all an inner journey to reveal the attitudes that keep us from this ultimate realization."
-- Joni Patry, from her soon to be published book Awaken To The Truth
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