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Thanks for another wonderful reading and all the good advice you gave me. You are always so positive and uplifting. I'm so glad I met you. Victoria F.
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December 2008 News from the Stars | Print |
archOn the eve of the New Year and the onset of a new political regime, there is much hope and expectation for a New Beginning. The extremes of the economic disasters have people full of fear. I must admit the financial turmoil looks very grim. But I do believe no matter how bad things look, there are always some who will prosper. Please recognize that while these are the trends, you do not need to buy into this. Whenever there is a time of loss and destitution there are still areas that will prosper. The businesses and people that will prosper are those that help people. Remember I said businesses that help people, not the ones that prey on those who experience loss. Businesses that help people will be humanitarian groups, charities, spiritual leaders, alternate energy sources, and healers.

The reason why there is a breakdown in the economy and living conditions in this world is because the old paradigm doesn’t work anymore, and we are being forced to change and grow. We are going through a growth spurt that is a causing a breakdown of the old structures. Change of this magnitude causes chaos and destruction. To build a new building, the old one must be destroyed, and this is exactly what is happening.

I do not intend for my predictions to be depressing or negative, but we are at an extreme turning point where there must be a demolition of the old to make way for the new. We have to go through this cleansing to have a new world. Understand you have a choice to choose growth and see the good in all, or choose loss and be a part of promoting the anger and destruction. You can be the light that helps, or the force that destroys during this shift from one era to another. Be progressive not destructive. Find areas in which you can contribute new ideas for the changes.

I see many new groups and organizations beginning that are based on this new way of thinking. Those who cannot change with this new revolution will leave the planet. You will see waves of people leaving the planet. It is their will. Planet earth is in a crises but the transformations will be worth staying here to see. The world will become a better place.

Form groups of like-minded people and begin some master-mind groups who encourage each other. Remember the laws of attraction are REAL! What you dwell on the most you will create in your life. Dwell on lack and you will experience lack, dwell on prosperity and you will experience prosperity. It is your choice. Do not let the emotional volatility of the masses influence you. The more you create a life full of prosperity the more you will influence and contribute goodness to the world.

My predictions for 2009 will be coming out very soon. I will be covering each month in detail. I have an extensive article on the “Age of Pisces” and the evolvement into the “Age of Aquarius”. This is a 15-page dissertation of the astrological trends, describing what has caused the events on a mass level, and what we can each do to avert the effects personally.

2009 will be a difficult year for most, but with the correct tools for conscious awareness and understanding it can be a year of “Awakenings.” Be sure you and your friends are subscribed for the NEW 2009 Predictions.

Remember these are the astrological trends of the masses. Everything is cyclic. We must learn to heed the cycles of the world. Everything happens for a good reason and has a purpose.

Planetary Predictions

The reorganization of a new governmental regime causes great hope and great fear in a nation of insecure people. This is a real turning point in our history. We will be focusing on rebuilding America but some times it may seem quite the opposite.

December 2008 New Moon Chart for the USA

USA New Moon Chart for December 2008
Click to enlarge.

Venus will conjunct Jupiter in the final degrees of Sagittarius on December 1st. You can see them together bright in the night sky close to the Moon. They will conjunct the Moon in the morning hours of this day. I believe this is a powerful day that the energy of these two great benefic planets can be used.

Use this time to meditate on what you want to create for your future and you will plant the seeds of creation for blessings to manifest in your life. You will prosper in the bleak times that lay ahead. Even though the rest of the world is buying into loss and destruction, you can prosper by staying focused in your own prosperity.

Businesses that help people will prosper during these difficult times. Both Jupiter and Venus are about to cross over from the extremes of a fire sign full of hope and optimism to the practicality of earthy Capricorn. Capricorn means business and soon the dust will settle into the reorganization and future plans to balance the blown out economy.

The conjunction of Venus and the Moon with Jupiter represents the emergence of women coming into power. You will begin to see women in powerful positions, opening the door for the ultimate future of America with a woman President.

December 5th the Sun will conjunct Mars approaching a square to Uranus. Mars will square Uranus December 12th. This indicates the pains of change and the disruption it causes. Much will have to be given up in the pursuit to find balance in this world.

Mars will move to square Saturn forming a T-square. Mars is at the apex of Saturn, opposed Uranus. This is a very radical time of sudden blow-ups. Mars will be gandanta as well, meaning in the final degrees of water. This is a critical time for major events that turn our attention in a new direction. I believe our main focus will be our safety. As Mars transits through the late degrees of Scorpio it nears the fixed star Alpha Ophiuchi, in “The Head of the Snake Charmer.“ This star has the qualities of Neptune and is associated with infectious disease and toxins. This can be a dangerous time for biological warfare or just an onslaught of flu infections globally.

December 9th Jupiter will enter into Capricorn where it loses its strength and approaches Rahu which intensifies financial destruction. The last time Jupiter conjoined Rahu was 2001. This may be a time of attack or destruction. The new political regime may not be as aware of the terror that lurks on the horizon. Jupiter will be combined with the eclipses throughout the next year indicating a serious time for financial worries. The economy will worsen throughout this year. The wreckage is too vast to clean up for some time. Governments around the world are going to fall to their knees.

December 22nd the Sun will cross Pluto causing deep concern for the dark undercurrents of hidden agendas that are rising to the surface.

December 28th Mars will conjunct Pluto on the ascendant degree of the USA chart, which is conjunct the Galactic Center. This was the degree that was hit on September 11th, 2001. This is the beginning of turbulence in political and religious affairs. The world is in a crisis and cannot get beyond all the problems until they surrender and admit where we went wrong. Once the cause is recognized then the cure can begin. Issues of safety are magnified throughout this month. Great destruction is emanating to produce the healing of a new world of peace. This is a cleansing. This is a time of great revolutions that create a new world.

December 31st Saturn will turn retrograde indicating a focus on the new trends of rebuilding the economy and balancing budgets. The world is switching to a new discipline in order to find means that are conservative and purposeful.

Planetary Aspects

12/01 Venus conjunct Jupiter
12/02 Venus enters Capricorn
12/05 Sun conjunct Mars
12/08 Mercury enters Sagittarius
12/09 Jupiter enters Capricorn
12/12 Full Moon 26 Taurus
12/12 Mars aspects Uranus (4th)
12/12 Mercury conjunct Pluto
12/19 Mars enters Sagittarius
12/22 Sun conjunct Pluto
12/27 New Moon 12 Sagittarius
12/27 Venus conjunct Neptune
12/27 Mercury enters Capricorn
12/28 Mars conjunct Pluto
12/28 Venus enters Aquarius
12/31 Jupiter conjunct Mercury
12/31 Saturn turns Retrograde

Excerpt From My Book "Awaken to the Truth"

man climbing mountain The Truth Will Set You Free
Many people live their lives in denial as to the truths that are right before their eyes. The truth means they might have to change, and that their lives aren’t perfect. But in fact, the truth will set you free. It will free us from suffering. What could be better than that! To grow to a place of consciousness where we don’t need to repeat all the pains we have suffered. The only reason we suffer pain is because we refuse to change. It isn’t change itself that hurts, but rather our resistance to it. Change is disruptive, but it is always the best thing. To reach your highest goals means you must look deep into yourself, to uncover the denials that are preventing you from achieving your dreams.


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Debra  - December News of the Stars   | |2008-11-30 16:03:31
Thank you Joni,

Your writing and assessment of the current situation is always
written in thoughtful detail and completeness. I always look forward to your
monthly "News of The Stars".

I too believe that if we look forward in a
positive manner of thought and action, we empower ourselves to be the best we
can be and survive strongly, a midst confusion, chaos, destruction and

Renewal is a human dignity one should always strive for.
Dean Sky-Lucas  - Thankyou Joni   | |2008-12-01 05:06:02
Dear Joni,

Thankyou for your words - they are spot on.

Blessings to you and
your important people,

Dean Sky-Lucas
laura neville  - Shifting beyond the confusion and fear   | |2008-12-02 23:55:09
As I have mentioned previously, I feel strongly that it is your job to
give the information as you see it...good, bad and confusing! It would somehow
be terribly wrong not to articulate the truth when it might be unpleasant. NOW,
having said that, it is clearly up to us, the readers, to make a conscious
decision about how we will approach the issues. For example, as a Kansan, I
rely on accurate weather reporting. It is important to know that a possible
tornado or potentially destructive weather pattern is coming my way. it is then
my choice, to ignore, respond appropriately (take an umbrella, be prepard for
shelter, etc) or just simply freak out and waste energy panicing. Same applies
to astrological forecasting. I appreciate that you give us the facts, and then
temper it with reminders that it is up to us to decide our attitude. Thank you
once again for your thoughtful observations and studied responses to what you
see "in the vedic sky"!
Laura from Kansas
cathy   | |2008-12-07 17:04:07
Thank you Joni for all your hard work. I have gotten a lot out of your site in
the last year. At least this is one of the last years with a lot of planets in
David Bruce Hughes  - Sun Square Uranus     | |2008-12-09 08:34:46
Hi Joni,

I have to agree with your assessment of the economic and political
situation. For several years now, we have been warning people about the period
from 2009-2012, and how much change and upheaval there will likely be. We
advocate creating self-sufficient rural communities in safe locations. Readers
who may want to join us can visit our site. I also want to point out the Sun in
Scorpio Square Uranus in Aquarius on December 10, and that there is a good
possibility of earthquakes in the US around that time. Be prepared!
anonymous   | |2008-12-16 18:22:59
I am divided about staying on the planet. Definitely I am in the category of
people who are considering leaving. I have purchased many suicide how to books
in the last few years. Sure, some of us are tired and don't want to be here
anymore. This is my last year here I know that much. If I don't get what I
want and feel better by the end of the year I am out of here for sure. I've
suffered 25 years too many. I hate this planet and have no desire to continue
with it. I would have been out of here years ago if it hadn't been for my
sympathy for the situation. Now I don't care anymore, for the people or any of
chiron  - India   | |2008-12-22 13:07:33
During this season which evokes feelings of Peace as many religions celebrate
the solstice related holidays, this year it is particularly pertinent to offer
prayers and light to the world. Weeks ago I posted a short forecast that
indicators were present that India & Pakistan may go into conflict. Looking at
the charts of Independence for both nations as well as the chart for the
Republic of India, I feel uneasy and alarmed for what I see this week. To
explain, in the Indian National Chart of Independence: on Friday 12/26 the Sun,
Pluto and Mars, all transiting, will conjunct to oppose India
chiron  - India cont   | |2008-12-22 13:09:10
natal Mars and will also inconjunct by a finger of God its
chiron   | |2008-12-22 13:09:54
ascendant/north node and its Moon/Mercury. At the same time, Uranus, Venus, and
Neptune are transiting conjunct in Aquarius opposing the Indian Sun, while T
Chiron opposes its Venus, and T Saturn squares its Uranus. Since the Pakistani
state of independence was declared the day before India, similar transits are in
play. If one also looks at the Indian chart of the declaration of the republic,
equally dramatic indicators are apparent. This is not good. Considering the
current state of tension between the two countries, these planetary
configurations are worse than a ticking time bomb. My feeling in interpretation
is that India may attack across the border into Pakistan. This scenario could
quickly spiral out of control with war, anthrax attacks or worse. A global
crisis is possible, that could bring everything to a halt. Pray that these
transits pass without incident.
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