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Mars Retrograde 2009 - 2010 | Print |
We all know how disruptive Mercury retrograde can be! I was so relieved when Mercury went direct on September 29, 2009. Everyone I have spoken with seemed to have some mishap with communication during this Mercury retrograde.

Now we are approaching the retrograde of Mars. Mars is a very powerful planet affecting so many aspects of our lives. It rules energy, life force, fire, blood, independence, courage, passion, sports, war, weapons, intelligence, and specifically real estate. In Vedic astrology it is called Mangala, which means “the bright one.” Those with a strong Mars stand out in a crowd.

Everyone is wondering what the effects will be as Mars retrogrades in the sign of Cancer. It will enter Cancer October 4, 2009 where it will remain until May 2010; almost 8 months. Mars will conjunct Ketu, October 10, 2009, which will cause loss and disruption for the entire week. Ketu rules loss and separation. Actually Ketu is said to give the energy of Mars. It causes a debilitating drop in energy and can cause severe injury. Mars retrograde internalizes the power of Mars, intensifying anger and selfishness that will build to a culmination point that will be explosive.

October 2009 New Moon Chart for the USA

USA New Moon Chart for October 2009
Click to enlarge.

Around October 17, 2009 Mars will transit over the previous eclipse degree, which has been known to activate major events of terrorism and attacks. Watch for outrageous behaviors pertaining to Mars’ energy. This means anger, violence, and acts of courage and dissolution of matters pertaining to security since Mars will be in the sign of Cancer dealing with security and protection. I do predict this entire time Mars is in the sign of Cancer we will have many upsets, violence and war.

Many severe events are currently happening and are brewing. There has been a devastating earthquake in Samoa, and the uncovering of terrorist plots in the United States of America. The swine flu is rampant closing many schools in the US. There was a plot to bomb a building in downtown Dallas, Texas and one of the Dallas airports. Plans were discovered in Denver, Colorado concerning a plot to bomb the subways in New York City, New York. Bickering and fighting persists in our government concerning the impossible task of getting healthcare under control in the United States. There don’t seem to be any solutions to the problems and much of it is being blown out of proportion. Things are simply out of control! Mars in retrograde is the cyclic process to address our issues of anger. The rage is brewing and will reach a peak. Maybe then we will see how outlandish our egos have been and discover our true nature, which is to love.

We continually defend ourselves, feeling outraged over what we consider unjust, or feeling things are not fair. We start out as kids saying, “It isn’t fair.” when someone gets more than us or isn’t punished for something for which we are punished. I can remember children saying, “It isn’t fair.” when the pieces of birthday cake they received were smaller than others, or when the whole class was given detention for one person’s misconduct. Then as we get older we think how silly that was, but we apply this issue of fairness to the larger picture as adults, such as when someone lives in a bigger house with more things and money. Anger begins when people feel there is an injustice. It can be based on our feelings of righteousness, religious beliefs, or feelings of entitlement. This will reach an exaggerated extreme and can result in violent attacks and war. The earth itself is shaking from all the angry feelings, resulting in earthquakes.

Know there is justice. It is the law of cause and effect. Whatever energy you extend outward will be returned to you. So recognize what you are putting out, because that is what you will receive back. I prefer loving feelings instead of feelings of hatred. This can become a healing exercise to help change the direction of the consciousness during these most intense times.

Mars will retrograde every 24-26 months for 60-80 days, and remains in a sign for more than 6 months. When a planet is retrograde it is closest to the earth, therefore appears brighter in the sky. This means whatever the planet rules it will intensify these issues on Earth.

No matter if you are working with Western (Tropical) or Vedic (Sidereal) astrology, the planets are retrograde in both systems. It is the same only it occurs around 24 degrees backwards in the Zodiac in Vedic astrology. Mars turns retrograde on December 20, 2009 at 25 degrees of Cancer and will turn direct March 10, 2010 at 6 degrees Cancer. So between 6 and 25 degrees of Cancer it is in its retrograde zone. A very interesting thing occurs when Mars travels in this zone before and after the retrograde cycle. The time frame that a planet enters the zone it will be retrograde in before it is retrograde, is the time the planet is overextended or out of control. Mars will travel through these degrees before it actually turns retrograde and still will travel through these degrees after it has turned direct in motion - these are called the shadow areas. This principal applies to all retrograde planets, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. So in other words, we are not completely out of the water when a planet turns direct and retrograde. That is why you still feel the effects of Mercury retrograde for a while right before and after the planet has turned retrograde or direct. I know, you may have thought there was that defining line of direct and retrograde, but cycles don’t work that way. They are a process.

The shadow period before Mars is retrograde begins October 17, 2009 when Mars reaches 6 degrees of Cancer. (Because this is the final degree it will stop being retrograde and turn direct in March 2010.) The shadow period before Mars is retrograde is October 17 to December 20, 2009. Then after it turns direct March 10, 2010 at 6 degrees of Cancer, it still needs to travel through the degrees it was traveling while retrograde to be clear of the retrograde zone. Once it passes the degree it first turned retrograde then we can be free of the shadow period of Mars retrograde. This will be May 18, 2010 when it reaches 25 degrees of Cancer. Even though Mars is traveling in direct motion before and after the retrograde period it still must clear the degrees that it was in retrograde motion before the entire process is complete.

Another fascinating fact astronomically is that planets that are outside the Earth’s orbit (Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) are in opposition to the Sun at the middle (midpoint) of the retrograde cycle. The inner planets of Earth’s orbit are Mercury and Venus and cannot be in opposition to the Sun. When retrograde the outside planets are conjoined the Earth and opposed the Sun. Before the planet turns retrograde and aligns with the earth it is considered to be going beyond the realm of existing consciousness (the Sun), in some way they have been overextended or gone beyond the normal range and limits. This applies to our range that is considered normal in society. This can be seen in the charts of individuals who have Mars in this range of the pre-retrograde period when Mars is traveling in the zone right before it turns retrograde. Retrogradation occurs due to the planet’s physical relationship to the Sun and the Earth. The Sun gives consciousness to all functions of the personality. When a planet goes through the retrograde process, significant shifts in consciousness occur.

Here is an excerpt from one of the best books I have read on the retrograde process. It is a Western astrology book, no matter what system of astrology you are using the planets are still going to be retrograde at the same time. If you are interested in the retrograde process I strongly suggest you get this book: “Your Hidden Powers” by Joanne Wickenburg published by AFA.

Following are excerpts or portions paraphrased from “Your Hidden Powers.”
“Once Mars enters the retrograde zone, you begin functioning beyond your ability to assimilate… beyond consciousness. Because Mars’ energy is particularly volatile, when it functions beyond the boundaries of consciousness it opens doors to excessive stress and anxiety.

Mars retrograde provides a rare opportunity to redirect assertive power. To do so constructively, you must recognize how you have used your power in the past and discern how you want to direct it in the future. This is a time to stand back, take time out and internalize. This is a time when misused, abused, or misplaced energy will be intensified for you to address.

The house in your personal chart through which Mars retrogrades describes the area of life where you must have overextended yourself. Here you are challenged to back up and take care of unfinished business. You are challenged to become more conscious of how your actions, passions, and personal power influence the degree of success or failure you have recently experiences in this area of your life.

The place where Mars opposes the Sun shows where full consciousness is achieved. At this time you are challenged to take responsibility for directing your power. [Mars will oppose the Sun January 30, 2010.] Use the first half of the Mars retrograde cycle to wrap up unfinished business. Confront your past and make adjustments required to continue moving ahead with new goals once Mars is direct.”

A natal chart reading will give you an in depth understanding of this retrograde process of Mars, how it affects your life personally and what you can do to heal the issues with which you are currently struggling. Within this reading I reveal the effects of the powerful Mars retrograde process within your chart and what action is necessary to heal the past for a productive future. Now is the time to address Mars energy.
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Mars is debilitated in the sign of Cancer and will be opposed by Jupiter still debilitated in Capricorn. Jupiter has been known to expand things and during the time on September 11, 2001 Jupiter opposed Mars, which made the event bigger. Mars at that time was in the most destructive nakshatra of all, Mula. Mula is ruled by the goddess of destruction Nirriti, which means "calamity,” and it is the goddess of destruction who lives in the kingdom of the dead. Nirriti has the power to ruin, destroy and break things apart. At this time in October, Mars will be in the nakshatra Pushya, which pertains to nourishment, families and spiritual teachers, so this might be the silver lining in all of this. The cycle of Mars retrograde in the sign of debilitation will prove to be difficult but the nakshatra Pushya will teach a spiritual lesson from all of the explosive events.

Mars in Cancer will be in the 8th house of the United States chart crossing over natal Mercury Oct 11 –12, 2009 pertaining to conspiracy to destroy the government and the President, because Mercury in this chart rules the 10th house of government and the leaders of this country. November 8-9, 2009 Mars will conjunct Rahu in the 8th house causing hostile changes and corruption.

India will have a very difficult time while Mars is in Cancer due to 5 natal planets plus Pluto in the sign Cancer in the 3rd house. I believe there can be mishaps with airlines or computer systems that corrupt global communications.

In the process of figuring out what a planetary energy will produce I always go backwards in time and find the previous occurrence of a planetary aspect. The most recent conjunction of Mars with Ketu in the sign of Cancer was June 22-23, 1972. This was the exact timing of the Watergate break-in. So this may have a connection with political conspiracy or major problems with the government. The time before that Mars was conjunct Ketu in Cancer August 4-5, 1953. I couldn’t find much on that date. It seems the 50s were pretty calm. This is due to the outer planets configurations. So you see you cannot take an aspect alone. As you know with all the planets involved in their cycles, no one time is ever the same as another in the sky. Like a fingerprint, each day is different in the planetary arrangements. You can still get some essence of the meaning by looking back, but not completely.

Mars was retrograde in Cancer December 1977 to February 1978. January 1, 1978 Air India passenger jet flight 855 crashed into the ocean near Bombay killing 213. I believe India will have problems with transportation again during Mars retrograde in Cancer with 6 planets in the 3rd house of the chart for India.

February - March, 1995, Mars was retrograde in Cancer. March 1995 was the time of the sarin gas attack on the Tokyo subway, killing 12 and wounding 1300 persons.

Mars retrogrades about every 2 years and moves forward about a sign and a half each 2 years. For example here are the previous times Mars was retrograde since 1980: 1980 Leo, 1982 Virgo, 1984 Libra, 1986 Sagittarius, 1988 Pisces, 1990 Taurus, 1992 Cancer/Gemini, 1995 Leo/cancer, 1997 Virgo/Leo, 1999 Libra, 2001 Sagittarius, 2003 Aquarius, 2005 Aries, 2007 Gemini, 2009 Cancer.

Jupiter will turn direct October 12, 2009 at 23 degrees Capricorn. This will begin the process of healing within our economy for it has gone way out of control and will reach a critical level before the extremes can be harnessed. Rahu will shift into Sagittarius November 2, 2009. This will begin the separation of Jupiter with transiting Rahu. This means business will begin to change direction. There will be a host of new businesses and opportunities that will begin and come to fruition during the next two years. Because of all the disruption, loss and chaos, new businesses will be invented out of a need to correct the problems created by this current period of time. Remember, “Necessity is the mother of invention.” Twenty-five years ago we were unaware of careers involving the Internet. Changes and trends will begin that shift the world economy.

Within the first week of October, both Uranus and Neptune will change signs. Both are retrograde and will shift backwards for a brief time in the signs they occupied for many years. Uranus will backup into Aquarius and Neptune will back up into Capricorn. So we will be revisiting many previous issues and problems needing resolution. Neptune in Capricorn will raise oil prices and deceptive government issues will be uncovered. Uranus in Aquarius will remind us to pull together as a unit to help each other.

Excerpt from my book
"Awaken to the Power Within You"

New World of Opportunities
an open door Be inventive and find ways you can invest and begin being prosperous in the things you know you have talents for and love to do. When we follow our dharma or purpose, and feel productive and purposeful, our lives will reflect this with a quest for life, and all areas of our life will take on a new meaning. Don’t let fear hold you back. The fear of not being successful in your pursuits is paralyzing and prevents our growth. Aim for your goals and dreams, for there is no better time than now to move through the fears of self-doubt and fulfill your ambitions. The world is reflecting this revolution of open minds and hearts to make this a place of prosperity on all levels. All the previous breakdowns and transitions that have taken place have opened the pathways to a new world of prosperity. Apparent disasters give way to the new. The old order must die for the new to be born. Currently, the escalating oil prices are causing financial problems for many oil dependant industries. The apparent breakdown will create a shift to new sources of energy, opening new progressive and expansive ways to be productive. In the recent past, we couldn’t have imagined all the opportunities the internet has created. Globalization has opened so many possibilities and opportunities. We are all blessed to have this opportunity, so take full advantage of it now. There has never been a time of more opportunity in the world than now.

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Kim   | |2009-12-06 21:57:15
Mars does not have anything to do with Cancer during its 2009/10 retrograde
period as I am sure you know by is in Leo the whole time.
Joni to Kim  - Mars is in Cancer in Vedic Astrology   | |2009-12-11 09:51:40
I continually have to state that I am doing Vedic astrolgy. This uses the
siderial system, not the tropical system used by Western astrolgers. Mars is in
Cancer in siderial astrolgy. In every article I write, I do specify this is
Vedic astrology. Joni
Vashti  - Siderial system     | |2009-12-17 16:59:39
Thats nice my organization uses a sidereal calender for offerings and potent
spiritual days. Its just that when I read my vedic astrology it always seems off
or just not me. But it could be my conditioning of western astrology.
Rajeswari, India  - Too good!!! Thank you   | |2009-12-19 01:38:47
I was bit confused about Mars retrogration. Western astrology websites have
mentioned that Mars retrogrades in Leo and in Vedic astrology (Panchagam we use
in India) there was no mention about this. I even sent questions to few
astrolgers but in vain, but this article cleared all my doubt. Kudos madam.
Colin, Canada  - Mars is in Cancer   | |2010-01-24 05:01:50
Mars is in Cancer, I was just checking that today.
It is not in Leo, it has past
Cris  - to Colin   | |2010-02-06 20:54:42
Colin - Please see the comment above yours, "Joni to Kim - Mars is in
Cancer in Vedic Astrology." Joni practices and teaches Vedic astrology.
Vedic astrology "uses the sidereal system, not the tropical system used by
Western astrolgers."
Karen  - Thanks   | |2010-06-03 13:29:18
I am just new to your blog and just spent about 1 hour and 30 minutes lurking
and reading. I think I will frequent your blog from now on after going through
some of your posts. I will definitely learn a lot from them.
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