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Predictions for Japan - December 2009 | Print |
Japan Chart
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December is a month of big changes that will set the tone for the year to come, 2010. Restrictions and new laws will be enforced to give order to the chaos. Angry attacks on the political system, air travel, subways or trains are possible.

December 20th Mars will turn retrograde in direct opposition to the Moon in Japan’s birth chart. Mars represents hostility, anger, and disputes. This occurs in the houses 3 and 9, which indicate laws, truth, education, communications and all forms of travel.

This will be an awakening for Japan. The truth underling the government will be revealed and the power of the people will rise. This awakening will put Japan back on a positive course for prosperity but a sudden and explosive change must be initiated to change the course and direction.

A more progressive and innovative way of government and education will be initiated once the truth has surfaced.

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Jessica Smith   | |2009-12-23 18:18:00
fantastic post!!
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