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I had a reading with you about 3 years ago during a very tumultuous and challenging time in my life. Things were not going well on any level. My spirit was pretty much dead. You provided some much needed direction for me that really worked out in the most incredible way. I was so much wanting to bring a baby into my life. You suggested I take a trip to Maui (to lay fertile ground) and look to international adoption. I took the trip to Maui and I recently came home with my 2.5 month old adopted daughter from Ethiopia. She is a miracle! Needless to say I am feeling much better and my spirit has been restored. ...Nancy M.
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Spiritual Insights and September Predictions | Print |

New Projects and Books

The Sports Predictor is available now! I have worked over a year on a mathematical formula that predicts the outcome of sporting events through astrological calculations. I have weekly wins for the football season, both NFL and College.
My site has avialable the next four weeks of my season's picks:

Also my new book Transformation of Consciousness 2012 and Beyond is being completed. This elaborates on the coming year in detail with tips on how to survive the economic downturn.

And last but not least the Interpretation of the Rock Opera Tommy is due out soon as its message and symbology is very important in terms of the current world religious climate.

Last Month’s Predictions (August)

Last month was very volatile! Even though I listed exact dates, the energy of the aspecting planets are generally in effect for an entire month.

I knew August was going to be a very difficult and dangerous month for world disasters, weather, and terrorism. Here are a few of my predictions.
08/09 Mars square Uranus: Earth changes will shake up the world, for this is an aspect for earth quakes and extremes with weather and storms. Tension and anger cause sudden outburst that disrupt world affairs.08/11 Mars oppose Pluto: Control and power surmount in explosive tempers and acts of terrorism. This week Mars is in a very difficult position promoting violence and anger. As it squares Uranus and Saturn and opposes Pluto, Mars completes a grand mutable cross which is a very difficult planetary configuration involving the most malefic planets. This will be a very stressful and destructive time.

And in the News:
“On August 6th A NATO helicopter crash killed 38 people, including 22 U.S. Navy SEALs and seven Afghan soldiers — the highest number of American military casualties recorded in a single incident in the decade-long war. Most of the Americans killed were from SEAL Team Six, the same elite unit that killed al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden in May”.
Also within the last two weeks in August the northeast of the US had a rare scare of an earthquake and then a hurricane.
My prediction concerning this: 08/16 Venus, Mercury and the Sun conjunct at 29 degrees of Cancer in aspect to Rahu at 28 Scorpio: These planets are in the last degrees of water signs (Ghandanta) which indicates drowning. This can indicate floods, storms or tsunamis. In a figurative sense Ghandanta means “out of control” which emulate the world conditions during this time.

Since aspects do flavor a time frame and not just a day, my predictive work will combine the planetary energies instead of trying to isolate each day with the exact aspects. Because of the treacherous aspects of the entire month of August there was one event after another. The first two weeks were full of terrorist attacks due to the aspect of Mars in opposition to Pluto and square to Uranus. In the second part of the month there was a group of planets in Cancer, plus Mars began to form a square to Saturn, forming a grand cross. The combination of all these planetary aspects together contributed to the effects of this disastrous month. So my future newsletters will be the combinations of planetary energies for each month instead of the day by day break down. The planetary aspects will be included in the Spiritual Insights.

September Predictions 2011
In September, Mars will be in Cancer, not a good sign as it is debilitated here. Mars in Cancer will be aspecting Neptune by its 8th aspect, and this is the worse aspect concerning oil prices. Neptune rules oil and Mars aspecting from Cancer aggravates this tremendously. This means the oil prices will begin an unprecedented rise that will be the root cause of why the economy will totally crash in a year. This is the beginning of an end. The monumental devaluation of the American dollar and price of oil will destroy many businesses. In October of 1973 Mars was retrograde in Aries and Neptune was in Scorpio, Mars aspected Neptune (8th aspect), when the oil embargo occurred. The Middle East cut off the America supply of oil, and the prices jumped radically. During this next Mars retrograde while it is opposed Neptune for 8 months, the oil prices will soar sky high as the oil companies are making readjustments. They are making a change over into natural gas from oil. This switch over will cost the American people dearly for it will end many oil dependant businesses, food cost, clothing, furniture, imports and export businesses. As prices continue to soar at the tanks so will the cost of other products.

Jupiter is retrograde this month adding to the slow economy. The faster moving planets will group up in Virgo with Saturn in a very difficult combination forming a quincunx to Jupiter. A quincunx is a very disruptive and unsettling aspect. Furthermore, Neptune forms a sextile to Jupiter forming a yod to the stellium of planets in Virgo (Sun, Mercury, Venus and Saturn) trigging a very bad downward trend in the economy and the stock market. Mars is the focal point of a yod between Neptune and Pluto. A yod is when two planets form a sextile (60 degrees) between each other and both these two planets form a quincunx (150 degrees) to a third single planet called the focal point. It looks like the letter Y is formed. Those of you whom I just lost in this astrological talk of yods will be very appreciative that you heard this word “yod” when I put out my predictions for 2012, as the “yod” is called the “finger of God”. The energy or vibration of the yod feels “incomplete”. It is the sound on the musical scale that sounds off. This aspect represents conditions that seem to be troubling events but are actually the means to an end that brings a transformation and a new beginning that is necessary for future growth. This is why it is called the “Finger of God” and December of 2012 brings a powerful yod of this nature into play. During this month the entire sky seems to be forming yods! It is because Mars comes into a placement that sets off this problematic incongruent energy. The three major yods forming at this time instigate big events. The three yods are: 1) Mars, Saturn and Neptune, 2) Neptune, Jupiter and Saturn, 3) Neptune, Pluto and Mars. Around the end of the month the faster moving planets will come into the sign Virgo with Saturn activating the yod which will trigger an event concerning a big crisis around September 27th continuing till the end of the month. Neptune’s involvement in all these configurations means there is a readjustment in the use of oil as an energy source globally. Also, Neptune as ruler of water, seas and oceans cause problems with water pollution and turbulent storms. Another dilemma Neptune rules is spirituality which is going through a crises too as religious fundamentalism becomes rampant.

On top of all this uncomfortable energy, the planet of change and disruption Uranus is opposed the stellium of planets in Virgo (Sun, Mercury, Venus and Saturn). This causes unexpected changes and rebellion. These changes are contributions to future collapse.

There is deception in the world economies. The powers that control the world will switch over their energy source. It is all happening now. Oil companies are switching over to natural gas which will take our dependence away from foreign oil. This will anger the Middle East promoting more hostility towards the US. Meanwhile the price of oil will go higher than before. What will emerge is a new industry that is built on new fuel requirements. This means there will be an end of the old world before the transition over to a new world. The end will be a new beginning which will create a brand new economy. The switch over to natural gas will give way down the road to other energy sources such as solar energy. I will have all these details in my upcoming new book 2012 and beyond.

Mars enters Cancer September 9th so look out for those gas prices to rise. September 11th marks a day of treachery as the Sun is on the midpoint of Rahu and Keu. Sadness and remembrances fill the air on the ten year anniversary of September 11th 2001.

In the first part of the month, the Sun and Mercury are in Leo opposing Neptune causing confusion concerning the political races. Around September 17th the oil crises sets in with problems concerning foreign countries and trade. The economy takes a turn for the worse as the economy reflects this in a downward slide in the stock market. The New Moon at the end of the month creates disharmony amongst the world. People are consumed with fear and are searching for control. This usually manifests in religious fanatics. I find it interesting that fuel crises go hand in hand with religious fanaticism as they both are ruled by Neptune. When Mars aspects Neptune for long periods of time it increases the need to feel in control through religion. This is becoming an intense political issue in America but is actually a worldwide phenomenon. It is time to remember your spiritual roots and not let religious separation destroy unity. The world can come together through the unity of compassion and caring instead of the separation of the ego through religious superiority. Many lessons will be harnessed through the lessons on Unity verses Separation.

Aspects for September

09/02 Sun trine Jupiter
09/04 Mercury enters Leo
09/06 Venus square Rahu and Ketu
09/08 Mercury oppose Neptune
09/09 Mars enters Cancer
09/10 Venus enters Virgo
09/11 Sun square Rahu and Ketu
09/12 Mercury trine Pluto
09/14 Mercury trine Jupiter
09/16 Pluto turns Direct10 Sagittarius
09/17 Sun enters Virgo
09/17 Venus oppose Uranus
09/18 Venus square Pluto
09/19 Mercury square Rahu and Ketu
09/22 Mercury enters Virgo
09/23 Mars trine Uranus
09/25 Sun oppose Uranus
09/27 Mercury oppose Uranus
09/28 Sun square Pluto
09/28 Mercury square Pluto
09/28 Mercury conjunct Sun
09/29 Venus conjunct Saturn

September New Moon 9/27/11 07:08 Washington, DC
09:58 Virgo, Nakshatra, Uttara Phalguni

New Moon Chart:
New Moon conjunct Mercury exact, Venus and Saturn
Planets in Virgo will quincunx Jupiter in Aries

Important Features:
Stellium of 5 planets in Virgo. Mercury is almost exactly conjunct the New Moon. Saturn is conjunct Venus.
Venus is debilitated
Mercury is exalted
Mars is debilitated
Mars aspects Neptune (8th aspect) Quincunx
Mars is square Jupiter and trine Uranus
Neptune quincunx Saturn, Pluto quincunx Mars, Jupiter quincunx Saturn: Yods formed between Neptune, Pluto and Mars, Jupiter, Neptune and Saturn, Saturn, Mars, Neptune
Jupiter is retrograde
Pluto turns direct
As the faster moving planets come into Virgo with Saturn (Sun, Venus, Moon and Mercury) they come into a Yod formation with Neptune and Mars. This will occur around the New Moon at the end of the month.

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kamaldas  - comet ellen   | |2011-09-01 08:47:31
comet ellen arriving this month.
any thought on this
Aglo  - Dawning   | |2011-09-05 16:46:55
Hello Joni:
Thank you for the work that you do.
I have learned to take
predictions with the proverbial "grain of salt".
It is true that we
live in unprecedented times, however our own awareness is also growing
exponentially in unprecedented ways,the Universe re-arrenges itself to
accomodate ones own Picture of reality.
Rajan   | |2011-09-07 10:58:14
Dear Joni,

Admire the conviction in your predictions. The foresight you
present is of immense help.

Best Regards
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