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Spiritual Insights March 2013 | Print |
The next 3 weeks will be very intense. We are about to go into an explosive period. The planetary aspects are so extreme something big is about to happen. Saturn is with Rahu for the next year and a half in Libra. The nakshatras these planets transit in provokes extreme events. Saturn and Rahu will be in Swati by late July and Jupiter, Mars, and Mercury will be in Ardra. These nakshatras are ruled by Rahu making them sharp and destructive.

Furthermore, planets converging over the 15-22 degree mark of Gemini have always brought major shifts for America. This is where Jupiter (15 degrees and Sun 22 degrees Gemini) resides in the USA chart in the 7th house.
Examples: September 11th Attack, Pearl Harbor Attack, Bombing of Hiroshima, Assassination of Lincoln, and San Francisco Earthquake of 1906.
The time frame is March-August 2013.

I want to remind readers of the severity of these planetary placements because now is the time to prepare. Preparing for these times of change does not mean going into survival mode but means going into consciousness mode. This means developing our spiritual awareness through the heart energy connecting to other conscious people and growing through the power of love. We must be reminded why we are here, and that is to open our hearts. There will be a transition, and those in survival mode will not be able to accept the changes.  An Event will radically change the way we view the world.

To simplify my prediction, there will be a radical event, but the result will produce the necessary changes that promote a better more evolved world. I see it as an exciting transformation that will give great opportunities for growth. This is an exciting, amazing and powerful time to be alive on earth.

In my pursuit to connect with others I set out on a speaking tour. I feel it is so important to connect to others during these oppressive times. My speaking tour is promoting the power of the Moksha houses in astrology. These are the areas in our birth chart that enlightens us to our spiritual purpose. In my lectures I am speaking on the heart energy. One thing I am impressing on my audiences is that we must connect in person to develop the heart energy. Traveling can be exhausting, but this is the only way to spread the word. The most inspiring thing for me in these lecture series is the fact that I can look into others eyes, for this is where our soul and heart connection begins.

It is hard to make this connection with others that are closed off. When in busy public places look to see if anyone makes eye contact. I find when you travel on airplanes and you are the one who has to take that seat between two people you are not normally well greeted. The more the world becomes instinctually motivated the more we separate ourselves from others.

As I teach and see into the eyes of those who want to learn and grow the connection is felt. The connection to others is a conscious effort we must all make to open our hearts.

As I was traveling back from California I had a very enlightening experience. It was on he last and final hour of this trip that it all came together for me.

Boarding a flight from Houston to Dallas, in the heart of Texas an unexpected experience was about to open my awareness to connecting through the heart energy.

This was a special flight, for upon boarding the flight attendants were announcing that it was the very last flight for a captain that was retiring from the airlines. There was his entire family cheering him on. I know how special this is being a flight attendant for many years.

Walking down the aisle I hear my name called out. I look to a beautiful woman beaming with light and energy, and she was so excited to see me. She said “Joni you may not remember me but you had such an impact on my life 20 years ago”. She said "I will never forget when we were flying together and I was in the darkest time of my life but you looked at my chart and your gave me such hope, and I never forgot it." She said "I was going through a difficult divorce and my house burnt down and you told me I was about to meet the man of my dreams, and that he would have something to do with the stars". She was there for her husbands last flight and he was an astronaut for NASA. Others got on the microphone with tears of appreciation about the captain and his accomplishments. So many were choked up with gratitude about the love they had for this very special man that was her husband. His life accomplishments were beyond belief and the sincerity and emotion made me cry too. Before the flight was over she gave me her published children’s book signed with the sweetest note “Thank you for your wisdom and beautiful heart”. This was a highlight of my trip. And confirmed why I am here to connect to others.

I felt the heart felt energy of all those on this memorial flight. What an opportunity to be on this flight and share in this experience. I sat in the row in front of the family and the people I was seated between never looked up during the entire flight. With the outpouring of emotion and attention to this decorated pilot many did not flinch or congratulate him. This was an opportunity to share, connect and congratulate a man of such great life accomplishments but many choose to stay closed off.

My point is take the time to connect and be present and apart of the world. This is why we are here. In our busy pursuit to get to where we are going we never take time to “be here now”. It is in the present moment that we can make a difference through our connection to others. John Lennon’s quote “Life is what happens when we are planning for the future”. Wake up it is time to be aware and connect with love and appreciation of each other on the planet now. This is what is needed in this time of transition.

I am off to India next week to teach at the 36th International Astrological Conference
March 2-5 2013, Kolkata, India.

Stay posted for more of my experiences.

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laura neville   | |2013-02-25 21:04:52
Joni-what a great moment!! Thank you for sharing that story with all of us...a
wonderful reminder that there are so many opportunities to join positive energy
and contribute our own goodwill. And also a lesson that there are times where
affirmation can magically appear as if to say "This is the right path".
Much to think about in all that you have written...
Read  - Good post   | |2014-05-20 02:41:23
Good articles can attract many people's eyes, I am glad you did.
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