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The Inauguration Chart 2013 | Print |
The birth of this new term in government begins at the time of Inauguration. The time of 12:00 noon is appropriate, for this places the Sun in the 10th house. The 10th house is the house of government and heads of chief. This is a very complex chart activating the most powerful houses in a chart, the angles. Sun, Mercury and Mars in the 10th house activates a powerful surge of government action. Mars is exalted in the 10th house (ruchaka yoga) builds an intense chart for power, courage and initiates a huge change within the government.

Mars activates the 1st house and the planets placed there by its 4th aspect (square). Since the 1st house is Aries Mars’ aspect empowers the capability for power even more. This indicates power and thrust to government affairs.

Jupiter is in the 2nd house of finances and money and aspects the 10th house and Sun, Mercury and Mars. This is further indication of work and opportunity to clear up the economic problems.

Venus in the 9th house aspected by Saturn means many laws will have to change to initiate the many alterations that will be brought into action due to the radical shifts and problems brewing in the world. Many of these changes are to protect from financial corruption, for Venus rules the 2nd house and 7th house.

The economy is the bases and political mission of this Presidential cabinet
Saturn and Rahu in the 7th house indicate a strong opposition to those in this political party. This can mean opposition in the way of enemies. The US will have a powerful conflict and will need to protect and keep America safe.

Saturn opposes the Moon with Rahu and Ketu, this strongly indicates the public or the masses who are not in compliance with the government’s plans. This directs rebellion of the masses with unpopular decisions implemented by the government and the Obama plan. The Moon represents the masses in a mundane chart. The Moon is conjunct the ascendant with Ketu aspected by malefics, Mars and Saturn. The Moon is afflicted by four malefics. This indicates a social rebellion of the masses culminating in a radical social up rising. The Moon rules the 4th house of the homeland. This can indicate attacks on our soil.

Mars is at the midpoint of Rahu and Ketu indicating impounding issues concerning the land, which can mean attacks such as war. But transiting Mars in 4th house of Japan’s birth chart was at the midpoint of natal Rahu and Ketu when the 9.0 Earthquake occurred in 2011, so earthquakes are a possibility.

The time frame when Mars and Sun will transit into Aries (April and May) will activate this massive social up rising when they cross over the Moon in this Inauguration chart. The Moon in this chart is the exact degree of the Solar Eclipse in May (25 degrees). This is extremely significant! An event concerning a mass social uprising will occur.

How does President Barack Obama’s chart figure into this Inauguration chart?

Transiting Jupiter is conjunct President Obama’s natal Moon indicating happiness and celebration in his 5th house. He is inspired to work hard to heal a failing economy.

Transiting Saturn and Rahu are in his 10th house indicating extreme hard work and struggles to keep this country in operation.

But the aspects from this chart look exceedingly hard. Transiting Mars in this chart conjuncts his natal Ascendant meaning he will be involved in the fight of his life, possibly indicating war for America.

Transiting Mars is aspecting President Obama’s natal Mars in his 8th house (8th aspect), which rules his 4th house. This is a dangerous aspect and for him personally and the 4th house can indicate an attack to the land of America. And Mars is in opposition to his natal Sun indicating problems with opponents and war. The Sun as ruler of the 8th house can indicate disgrace, dishonor or attacks on him.

Transiting Neptune is square his natal Moon signifying deception from those whom he believes are his allies. There will be forces that are planning a scandal to discredit his leadership.

I made these predictions before the elections based on this Inauguration chart.

Who ever wins the election is the loser
Social and racial wars in the US
Attacks on the government and leaders

Huge financial fall
US goes to War

Astrologers back in the year of 2000 predicted the winner of the 2000 election would be the loser due to crucial events about to occur in our nation. This was based on the Inauguration Chart of 2001. Bush as President soon had the massive problems of the 09/11 attacks on America. Mars was a defining planet in that chart aspecting the ascendant.

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Jon  - Please read     | |2013-01-23 14:18:37
The timing coinsides with a number of sources I havae read!
Kat  - Please read     | |2013-01-23 14:21:02
The timming is the same as the webbots and sevaeral others I have been
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