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  Joni Patry
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Satya Adapa  - Your Services   | |2016-03-21 02:41:32
Hello Joni,
Saturday, March 19th was a great day in my
life when I first
discovered your Vedic
Astrology and videos. I grew up in India
dreaming like you
looking the amaing stars and universe and always wanted to learn Vedic
Astrology. I learned it 1970s briefly and never improved my knowledge.
You are
the most beautiful astrologer both in knowlege and looks. God Blessed you,
charming Thanks.
nj38psw   | |2016-04-12 09:41:53
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"Nothing feels worse than the feeling of no control, no choice or freedom. It is like being a child in an abusive home; there is no hope, no way out. But the suggestion that we have free will, the freedom to choose our life and destiny, is invigorating and frees the spirit"
-- Joni Patry, from her book, Eastern Astrology for Western Minds
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