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  Joni Patry
Analysis of a Stock Market Crash and Predictions for 2012 | Print |
"It's common knowledge that a large percentage of Wall Street brokers use astrology."
Donald Regan, formerly Ronald Reagan's Chief of Staff

The world is in a fearful place economically and the stock market surly reflects the chaotic uncertainty of the financial world. So the stock market is tempered by the emotions collectively. When the masses become polarized by fear, the stock market becomes a reflection of the mass consciousness. This is where astrology plays a major role in predicting the trends of the stock market. Astrological cycles have been used to predict the stock market trends for many years.
Politics in America the 2012 Election | Print |
As America broke away from the rein of England and became the melting pot of many counties a democracy was built for liberty and justice. The United States of America is the land of freedom and opportunity.
These liberties are to be appreciated no matter what conspiracy theories you believe. America is one of the best places to live in the world.But politics has gotten out of control just as the economy and focus of our world. No world leader alone can transform the imbalance of the world currently. This is a world concern and will take the efforts of all nations combined to solve the current dilemma around the world economy.
Vedic Astrology Brief Lessons | Print |

Venus Retrograde

How to Predict a Sudden Rise in Life | Print |

The Trine with Jupiter and Rahu and the Transiting Stations

Nortwest Institute of Vedic Sciences Conference
Seattle, WA
for June 20, 2010
© Joni Patry

Initially when one begins the study of astrology it is believed that all events can be predicted in a chart. The chart is a map of the karmas of a soul. There is a promise indicated in every chart but the probability of it all coming to fruition is definitely tempered by the fact that we all have free will. But some events seem predestined. It is our choices and how we operate within the apparent destined events of life that can shift our soul development. Much of our free will is developed through our thinking process for we can choose how we think and the choices we make within the apparent destined events.  I believe some events are fated or predestined and our choices within these events can shape and change our lives.
Combinations of Power (Rahu and Ketu) | Print |

by Joni Patry
for “The Blast” Astrology Conference
Sedona, Arizona September 16 - 21, 2008

In Vedic astrology the lunar nodes, known as Rahu and Ketu, have special powers in a chart. Often referred to as our karmic destiny, they indicate our greatest gifts and our darkest issues. In prediction they are where the annual eclipses fall, and indicate the areas of our life that involve the most transformation for that year. When the lunar nodes are combined with another planet they take on the quality of that planet. Each combination will produce very different results.

Rahu and Ketu are described as shadowy planets because they are associated with the eclipses of the Sun and the Moon. These shadows developed the powerful myths and meanings bestowed on the nodes, myths of struggles with demons, serpents, and forces of darkness and light. Symbolically they may be seen as our own shadows.

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"If you are coming from a place of a compassionate heart then you will have a feeling of peace, love and contentment. You will attract others with the same sense of happiness in their life. Compassion comes from a place of understanding."
-- Joni Patry, from her soon to be published book, Awaken To The Truth
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