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  Joni Patry
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Life of Princess Caroline of Monaco Analyzed

Transits are the constant motion of the planet’s cycles. A chart is a freeze frame of the planets in space. We chart them relative to our planet Earth within the boundaries of the ecliptic against the background of the fixed stars. The fixed stars are what make up the constellations or signs. The transiting planets in a chart are where the planets are currently in the sky. As they form aspects to the natal planets in a chart they trigger events in an individual’s life. We can chart where these planets will be in the future, giving us the ability to make predictions based on where the transiting planet will go in a chart (what houses) and what planets in the natal chart the transiting planet will aspect. The transits will bring to life all the indications of the houses they activate and the planets they aspect. Transits are used to time events in a life. You may see a potential in a chart, but when will the potential manifest or come to fruition? This is activated through the onset of the dashas and the activation of the natal planets through the transits aspecting them. Listed here are the rules to follow to formulate predictions based on the transits of the planets. These rules are listed in the order of importance, and the steps to be followed to make a final assessment for the basis of a prediction.

I plan to illustrate the simple but complex truth to making accurate predictions. There are many charts within a chart. This shows how individuals are all interrelated. Each chart is set up where every planet’s placement affects the others in a different context depending how it is viewed. Taken step by step I will show you how to see the different charts within a chart focusing on one layer or viewpoint at a time. Every relationship we have is in our chart, it will take a well-trained eye to see them all. I will initiate the process and concepts here. Take these principles and apply them to see the truth and light that the science of Jyotish has intended.

When a question or a matter is to be assessed:
    • The house pertaining to the matter in question
    • The ruling planet of the house pertaining to the matter
    • The karaka of the matter or thing in question
Example: The question asked is concerning children.

  1. The house pertaining to children is the 5th house, therefore any planets within the 5th house and any natal planetary aspects to the 5th house are relative.

  2. The planet ruling the 5th house is imperative in giving information on children. The house the ruling planet resides in gives more pertinent information concerning children and additionally any aspects the planet is receiving from other natal planets.

  3. Look to the planet that naturally rules the matter in consideration. The karaka means the indicator of something. The indicator or karaka of children is Jupiter. Jupiter naturally rules children in everyone’s chart. The house placement and natal aspects Jupiter receives will give an indication of the prospects of children in a chart.
These are the 3 major assessments that must be taken into consideration when a question is posed. Such as: Will I have children?

The next question that involves timing will have to incorporate the Dashas and Transits. When will I have children?

Prediction with Vedic Astrology Is A Two-Fold Process

The dashas are the main tool for prediction, additionally the use of transits (gochara) are blended together. To see where an individual is in their life the maha dasha ruler and the bhukti ruler must be assessed in the chart before the transits should be analyzed.

  1. The house the maha dasha ruling planet is in will be of main importance, as well as the house placement of the bhukti ruler. Then the houses the maha dasha and bhukti planets rule are of paramount importance. If either of these planets are with other planets in the same house then the houses those planets rule become active as well.

  2. I am bringing up the dasha rulers because those same planets in transit will be the most important planets to focus on while analyzing the transits. If you are in Saturn’s maha dasha and Mars bhukti then the transits of these two planets will weigh in far more than the other transiting planets. Likewise the natal placements of Saturn and Mars (while in their dashas) are more important when a transiting planet makes an aspect to them. They are like a land mine getting ready to explode when transited.
Steps for Analyzing Transits
    • The house the transiting planet is in.
    • The natal planets the transiting planet is making aspects to.
    • The houses the natal planet rules will be a major focus when a transiting planet aspects it.
    • The houses the transiting planet is aspecting come into play.
There are many other variables but these 4 steps must be assessed first. These are the most important rules!

In India transits are viewed as more accurate from Chandra Lagna (using the Moon as the Ascendant). I always assess the transits from the Moon to give more confluence. If I see the transit predicting the same event from Chandra Lagna after repeating the 4 steps for analyzing transits, I can make my prediction with conviction.

I will always confer to the Navamsha as to where the maha dasha ruler and bhukti are placed. Looking for any outstanding placements that confer with my prediction. I do not use the transits in any divisional charts.

A planet that rules 2 houses usually gives the results of the house ruled by the sign that is moolatricona. The moolatricona signs are air and fire. The only acceptation is Mercury’s moolatricona sign Virgo.

Charts Within Charts

There are many layers within a chart and many people who touch our lives are therefore in our charts. This brings out the multidimensional part of our chart connecting us to other people and their lives. This is called Bhavat Bhavam (meaning from house to house) or the derivative house system in western astrology. It is our inner connection to all, and how we experience others. This will give you the quality of an astute astrologer working on a multidimensional level, making specific predictions instead of making general vague predictions.

You turn the chart according to the matter specified or the person within the individual’s life. Then the dashas and especially the transits must be applied pertaining to the person within the chart you are viewing.

The spouse is viewed as the 7th house, but to see the happenings in the spouses life the 7th house is made the ascendant/Lagna and this is viewed in its entirety as the spouse’s chart. For timing of events in the spouse’s chart cast the transits to the natal planets addressing the transit’s aspects, but the different house rulerships as pertaining to the new ascendant/Lagna starting with the 7th house as the 1st house. Don’t hold back, do everything you have done assessing the chart as you did from the original Lagna of the individual’s chart you are reading. The rules are all the same only you are reading the spouse’s life through the original person’s chart. Yes, this opens up a Pandora’s box! Anyone in a person’s life or anything can be accurately assessed with predictions. Now you can see the interconnection of the universe, the divine science of astrology.

There are a few instances that seem tricky but I believe a bit more research in this area will give more clarity. I encourage astrologers to play with the tricky ones to find what works for them. These are the cases involving multiple siblings, and spouses.

The spouse is always the 7th house, no matter how many times one marries, because we only have one spouse at a time. I have known people who no matter who they marry and the condition the partner was in at the time of marriage the spouse becomes wealthy. Why? Because they have Jupiter in the 8th house and it would be the 2nd from the 7th indicating wealth for the spouse. But sometimes they do not have wealth till they marry the person with the Jupiter in the 8th house.

The eldest sibling is the 11th house and the youngest sibling is the 3rd house. Here is a way to make sense of this when there are many siblings and you want to figure out what house is who. The 11th house is the sibling above you then the one next in line to the oldest would be the 11th from the 11th and on going up till you have reached the eldest. For those who are younger than you then you look to the 3rd house as the one immediately younger than you, then the 3rd from the 3rd for the next down in age and continue on till you reach the youngest. The house you come to, will be the first house for that individual. Read that chart exactly as you would any chart, including transits for predictions.

For children, the 5th house is the oldest child, then the 3rd from the 5th (7th) is the second born, continue on around counting 3 houses away for the next child in the birth order. They are the siblings (3rd house) to each other. So, the 5th house is the first-born, 7th house is the second born, 9th house is the third born, 11th house is the 4th born and so on. The natal 12th house will be the 8th house from the 5th and with difficult malefics here there could be danger to the first-born child. The same goes for the 2nd house for the second born, for it is the 8th from the 7th. But don’t forget to read the planets from the house we are inquiring from (as to house rulerships) and not the natal ascendant. Grandchildren are the 5th house from the 5th (9th house), your children’s children.

The 4th house will be the house to start with to reveal the life of the mother. The karaka for the mother is the Moon. The 11th house is the 8th from the 4th and may indicate the mother’s death. The 11th house is the house of adoption because it represents death or separation of the mother. The 9th house will be the house to begin with to see the life of the father, the karaka for father is the Sun. The 4th can be the death of the father because it is the 8th from the 9th house. The 12th house to any of these houses can indicate the end or loss to the indications for that house. The 7th house will be the mother’s mother (4th from the 4th). The 7th house is the maternal grandmother. Likewise the 9th from the 9th house (5th house) will be the paternal grandfather. The 6th house will be aunts or uncles from the maternal side (3rd from the 4th). As well as the 11th house indicating aunts and uncles from the paternal side 3rd from the 9th. As you can see the possibilities are endless.

To illustrate these techniques I have chosen some specific events in the life of Princess Caroline of Monaco.

Life of Princess Caroline of Monaco

We will look at her natal chart to see the potentials and possibilities in her life.

Princess Caroline Birth Chart
Princess Caroline of Monaco Birth Chart
Click to enlarge

Her ascendant/ Lagna is 12 degrees of Aquarius. Saturn as the ruler of her chart resides in the 10th house with Rahu in Scorpio. Rahu and Saturn are the planets of separation indicating she had to take on leadership and public standing due to force and the separation from her mother. She reluctantly took over her mother’s duties as Princess when her mother died in a car accident. Ketu is in her 4th revealing the loss of her mother.

Her mother Grace Kelly was the beautiful movie star taken away to a fairy tail dream to marry the Prince of the most decadent, opulent wealth and power of Europe. But only to find she felt miserable and trapped as a prisoner amongst her adoring fans. She once stated: ”You know I feel very sad in this marriage. He doesn’t care about me. If I had the choice I would divorce him. But I have no choice. He would keep my children.” To see Princess Grace in her daughter Caroline’s chart we must make the 4th house Taurus the Lagna/ ASC and through this we get the picture. The 7th house from the 4th has Rahu and Saturn in Scorpio indicating a dictator for a husband. The ruler of the 7th is Mars and Mars is in the 12th. All three of these indicators indicate foreigners. Rahu and Saturn are foreigners as well as the 7th house ruler in the 12th house of foreign lands. Her husband took her from her homeland. She suffered great loss as the result of this marriage.

September 13, 1982 she died from an accident when her car plunged over a cliff and crashed 120 feet below with her youngest daughter Stephanie. She lost control of the car after suffering from a mild stroke. It was said they were arguing. Princess Grace died in the hospital the following night from head injuries, her daughter, Stephanie survived.

Transits for the Mother’s Accident/Death

First of all, since we are looking for indications for an accident, we will concentrate on the indicative planets for accidents. They are Mars and Ketu. Secondly, Saturn and Rahu show separation or death. These are the transiting planets to cite here. Additionally, the houses noted for accidents and death are the 6th house and 12th houses. The 12th house is also noted for accidents, hospitals, and loss. The 8th house is for death, so the planets that rule these houses are the ones to be cautioned for when looking for transits in this event.

At the time of the accident in Caroline’s chart, the dasha sequence was Saturn maha dasha and Mercury bhukti.

Natal Saturn was transited by Mars, and natal Mercury was transited by Ketu.

The transits to Caroline’s natal chart had transiting Mars (accidents) in her 10th house aspecting the 4th house (mother) conjunct Saturn and Rahu. Venus, the planet that rules her 4th house of mother, is in the 11th house transited by Ketu (accidents). Mercury is with Venus in the 11th house ruler of the 8th and transiting Saturn was in her 8th house indicating a death in Caroline’s life. Additionally, transiting Rahu was aspecting the Moon, the indicator for the mother. With the indications of the possibility of death or accidents to the mother, we must turn the chart and process it through the mother.

Let’s turn the tables now and process the transits through her mother’s chart, making the 4th house the first. The Venus/Mercury is in the 8th house with transiting Ketu there. Venus rules the 1st (physical body) and the 6th houses (accidents). Transiting Saturn is in the 5th house aspecting Jupiter, ruler of the 8th. Transiting Rahu is in the 2nd house (maraka-death inflicting) aspecting the Moon, ruler of the 3rd (travel by car) in the 6th house (accidents). Transiting Ketu aspects Mars in the 12th house of loss.

In the Navamsha, Saturn is in the 12th and in the 9th. Moon (mother) is with Ketu, indicator of loss.

All the indications outlined before are here for the death of the mother through an accident. There are other implications on which I should probably not speculate, but there seems to be more to her death than meets the eye. Natal Mars ruling the 7th is in the 12th and transiting Mars in her 7th on Saturn/Rahu. Also, natal Neptune with the Moon in the 6th house gives me adequate suspicion that the car could have been mysteriously tampered with.

Stefano’s Death a Boating Accident

Stefano, Caroline’s second husband was an Italian businessman who loved the fast lane. She had three children with him, and deeply mourned his death. He drowned in a speed boat race October 3rd 1990.

Her dasha sequence at this time was maha dasha Saturn and the bhukti was the Moon. Saturn and the Moon’s transit, and their natal positions will be the strongest while she is in that dasha sequence.

In the Navamsha Saturn is in the 12th house and the Moon rules the 7th (spouse) and is with Ketu indicator of loss.

In her natal chart (rashi) the Moon rules her 6th house (accidents), and Saturn the 12th house (loss). Transiting Saturn was in her 11th house conjuncting her Venus/Mercury. Mercury rules the 8th (moolatricona) house of death.

Caroline has the Sun ruler of the 7th (spouse) in the 12th house (loss). At the time of Stefano’s accident transiting Rahu was conjunct her Sun. Transiting Ketu was in her 6th house of accidents, aspecting natal Saturn/Rahu in the 10th house and Saturn rules the 12th. Transiting Rahu was aspecting the 8th house with Jupiter there, and Ketu in the 4th house. Jupiter could be considered the karaka of the spouse. Rahu is separation, indicating separation and loss to the spouse.

Transiting Mars in her 4th house was conjunct natal Ketu, and it was the exact degree of (opposing) natal Saturn and Rahu in the 10th house, Saturn rules both the 12th (loss) and the 1st (physical body) houses. Transiting Mars also aspected natal Venus and Mercury (8th aspect). Mercury rules the 8th (moolatricona). Transiting Saturn was in the 11th house conjuncting Venus and Mercury. Venus can be the karaka of love, and transiting Saturn will cause separation or death.

It is obvious there is a situation of loss, and it looks like an accident. Because transiting Rahu was conjoining the ruler of the 7th I would suspect the spouse as the area to research. The next step would be to switch to the 7th house as the 1st to see if my hunch is correct. When the 7th house becomes the Lagna/ASC looking at her chart it becomes her spouses chart. Here the Sun Ruler of the 1st is in the 6th house (accidents), transiting Rahu was conjunct it, and transiting Ketu was on Uranus (exact degree), Uranus is the planet of sudden unexpected changes, in the 12th house (loss). Additionally transiting Mars was exactly aspecting natal Saturn ruler of the 6th.

Transiting Saturn was in the 5th house (sporting events), on the Mercury/Venus and aspecting natal Jupiter ruling the 8th. One last note, usually the transiting Moon can be the trigger that sets off an event where you can predict down to the day an event happens. The Moon transited the 8th house from the 7th, giving the final draw, death could be triggered that day. From this assessment it was not a good day to be racing boats 150 miles per hour!

How to Predict Marriage or Relationship

Every astrologer is asked the question when will I meet someone, fall in love, or marry. There is one variable that I feel I must mention. The chart will indicate when the true heart felt feelings of attraction and love happen. The actual wedding may not be in the picture. Sometimes the weddings themselves are very stressful and anti-climatic.

I feel when someone asks me these questions; the chart is going to indicate the true feelings of love and when you decide to commit to someone exclusively.

When looking for a relationship of this nature here are the rules to follow.

  1. Jupiter is the planet that grants opportunities. Look to see if transiting Jupiter is aspecting the 7th house

  2. The ruler of the 7th house aspected by Jupiter

  3. Jupiter aspecting the 7th house from the Moon (Chandra Lagna)

  4. Jupiter aspecting the ruler of the 7th house from the Moon (Chandra Lagna)

  5. Jupiter aspecting Venus in a man’s chart

  6. Jupiter aspecting Jupiter in a woman’s chart or Venus/Mars in Western culture

  7. The dasha ruler ruling the 7th or aspecting the 7th house

  8. The dasha ruler in or ruling the 7th house in the Navamsha

  9. A Transiting planet in Parivartana with a planet connected to the 7th house by placement or rulership

Example: Transiting Venus is in the 7th house in Sagittarius and transiting Jupiter (ruler of the 7th) is in Libra. I actually had this at the time of my marriage.

* If there are 3 or more of these variables in a chart you can strongly predict a relationship at that time

Marriage to Stefano

Princess Caroline married Stefano December 29, 1983
  1. Transiting Jupiter was one degree Sagittarius aspecting the 7th house.

  2. Transiting Jupiter was aspecting the 7th house in Chandra Lagna

  3. Transiting Jupiter was aspecting the ruler of the 7th house (Mars) in Chandra Lagna.

  4. Jupiter was aspecting Venus karaka of love.
Bingo! 3 or more and it happens!

Birth of Children or Pregnancy

The same rules as marriage apply here as well, only the house of concern of course changes and the karakas. Sometimes the time predicted is when the woman gets pregnant, the birth is not as important as the conception time.

Rules for Pregnancy

  1. Jupiter is the karaka for children, the transit for Jupiter is considered

  2. Transiting Jupiter aspecting the 5th house

  3. Transiting Jupiter aspecting the ruler of the 5th house

  4. The 5th house from the Moon is sometimes considered more important than the Rashi chart. Transiting Jupiter aspecting 5th house in Chandra Lagna

  5. Transiting Jupiter aspecting the ruler of the 5th house in Chandra Lagna

  6. Transiting Jupiter aspecting natal Jupiter karaka for children

  7. Dasha ruler ruling or aspecting the 5th house

  8. Dasha rulers in the 5th house in the Navamsha or the Sapthamsa chart

Princess Caroline’s Birth of first Child, Son Andrea

( June 6, 1984)
  1. Transiting Jupiter was 16 degrees of Sagittarius in the 11th house aspecting the 5th

  2. Transiting Jupiter was conjunct Mercury (18 degrees) ruler of the 5th.

  3. Her Dasha sequence was Saturn maha dasha Mercury bhukti, Mercury rules the 5th house and Transiting Jupiter was directly on Mercury.
*Bingo! 3 hits and you can confidently make this prediction.

*The birth data and biographies used here are obtained from the AstroData Bank Progam by Lois Rodden
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