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  Joni Patry

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Conferences June and November 2015
Spiritual Insights March 2015
How to Use Vedic Astrology in your Daily Life
Spiritual Insights February 2015
Planetary Aspects and Predictions February 2015
2015 World Predictions
Joni Patry - 2015 Jyotish Vashista Recipient
2015 Sign Predictions Aired on GMT
January 2015 Vedic Astrology Predictions
Planetary Aspects and Predictions January 2015
Spiritual Insights January 2015
Interviewing Bill Bennett, Film Director
Spiritual Insights December 2014
Planetary Aspects and Predictions November 2014
Spiritual Insights November 2014
Planetary Aspects and Predictions October 2014
Spiritual Insights October 2014
Spiritual Insights September 2014
Planetary Aspects and Predictions September 2014
Vedic Astrology Dispositors with Kapiel Raaj
August 2014 Astrologic Predictions
What to Expect for the coming Months: Fall 2014
Live on Good Morning Texas
Spiritual Insights and Predictions August 2014
Predictions July 2014
News from the Stars July 2014
Joni is speaking in Seattle on material from her new book!
New Book by Joni Patry
The Houses The Soul and Purpose through Life
Spiritual Insights June 2014
Joni is Teaching and Giving personal Consutations in Sacramento and Seattle
Jupiter Moves into Cancer June 18,2014
Spiritul Insights and Predictions May 2014
Membership to AstroLogic Magazine
New Launch of AstroLogic Magazine
Speaking at CVA June 20, 2014
Spiritual Insights April 2014
Joni on Turkey's TV 8 January 2014
Spiritual Insights February 2014
Joni on Good Morning Texas 1-10-2014
Spritual Insights for a New Year 2014
Spiritual Insights and Predictions for December 2013
Joni is giving readings while in San Francisco on Friday November 22
Lecture for the San Francisco Astrological Society 11/21/2013
Spiritual Insights and Predictions November 2013
Nadiya Shah Interviews Joni Patry
Trip to Istanbul, Turkey
Spiritual Insights and Predictions for October 2013
Kapiel Raaj host of YouTube's KRSchannel Interviews Vedic Astrologer Joni Patry
Spiritual Insights September 2013
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"...the moksah houses are the deep side of our soul, that which we do not know or understand. They are the mystery of life."
-- Joni Patry, from her book, Eastern Astrology for Western Minds
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