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  Joni Patry
News from the Stars - February 2011 | Print |

Please Note: All calculations use the Sidereal zodiac used in Vedic astrology. They differ by 23-24 degrees from the Tropical zodiac used in Western astrology.

February New Moon 02/02/11 21:30 Washington, DC
19:52 Capricorn, Nakshatra Shravana

This will be a very interesting and eventful month. The new moon chart has Mars conjunct the new moon and Mars will continue to travel with the Sun staying in the same sign till May. Mars is more powerful, exalted in the sign of Capricorn. Mars rules courage, energy and action, plus it is the karaka for real estate, indicating the real estate markets are beginning to make a comeback. Mars is an indicator of war, fighting and sports. The volatile outbursts in Egypt and the Middle East will continue and be even more explosive.

The Super Bowl which is the finale of the football season is held for the first in my home town of Dallas, Texas. The day for the Super Bowl is February 6th, Mars and the Sun conjunct exactly. This conjunction is indicative of the game of football which is a very aggressive sport, but it could also indicate violence that may occur during this day with a large crowd in one place. I also found that this conjunction lands on the Sun of the chart I have for the city of Dallas, Texas.

If you are interested in the outcome of the Super Bowl and who I predict will win, go to my new website

Another interesting point is that the degree where the Mars/Sun conjunction occurs happens to be at the juncture point of the two nakshatras where there was originally the 28th nakshatra called Abbhijit. I am not sure how it is significant but there was also an astronomer claiming that there are actually 13 signs, with one between Scorpio and Sagittarius, in the constellation Ophiuchus. This made headlines and the all the news stations were interviewing astrologers because so many people were supposedly upset that their sun sign is now different. The constellations are all not equal in size in terms of the 30 degree segments. Astrologers who have studied astronomy are well aware of this. Additionally, the change of the birth signs is exactly what we have incorporated in the Sidereal system used by Vedic astrologers. I had reporters call me concerning this hyped up news story but I chose not to return the call because they most always misquote you, and the real reason for all of this is to debunk astrology. But my point concerning this information about the lost signs or nakshatras is that this can be a omen or a sign for the emergence of some missing information from the past that can give us guidance like the stars. This is something that can potentially change our existence on planet earth. We can begin to realize there are messages out there that are essential to our evolvement and growth.

02/04 Venus conjunct Rahu: 02/04 Sun conjunct Mars: Venus is the karaka of all vehicles. This may be the reason why there has been a notable amount of airline accidents when Venus is conjunct Rahu. Of course this aspect occurs once a year since Venus moves through the entire zodiac in a year but, it generally does not occur while Mars in conjunct the Sun. Therefore, I predict some kind of mishap with machinery such as an airplane. Venus and Rahu are also in the sign of Sagittarius which indicates travel, particularly long distance travel which can mean a major problem or possible airline crash for an airline flying overseas, around this time.

02/06 Sun trine Saturn: Mars trine Saturn: 02/06 Venus square Jupiter: All three of these aspects tie in 5 of the major planets. But the Sun conjunct Mars both in trine to Saturn gives a sense of ease and flow in the area of productivity. Many things that have seemed to be stuck in your life or in the world will seem to begin forward movement. It will appear the blocks have been removed. Saturn can represent the government and globally this will be a time when politicians can make some real progress. The keyword that keeps appearing in my mind lately is compromise. We must learn to compromise to get movement going in this world. The other alternatives are a standstill for no one will give in, or a dictatorship where one side only gets their way. These planetary aspects are necessary to begin some change and growth in our stubborn world.

02/09 Venus conjunct Pluto: As the faster moving planets such as Venus trigger the long standing planetary aspects they are the trigger for events of the year. As Pluto has been with Rahu this year the timing of this configuration to come to life will be activated by transiting Venus. Especially, since this conjunction is occurring in the nakshatra of Mula which is the most destructive nakshatra. This will surface religious fanatics due to the Sagittarian influence. Both Pluto and Rahu represent control, and together in this sign and nakshatra we have a militant uprising globally from dictators around the world demanding control with many threats of warfare. The opposite of this is surrender, which means in our daily lives it is so important to surrender to the need to be in control because the more we are rebellious and need to be right the more out of control we become.

02/12 Sun enters Aquarius: the Sun in Aquarius will definitely relieve much of the militant pressure because Aquarius is more about helping humanity rather than the tactics of the Capricorn ambition and the need to be the boss.

02/14 Mercury trine Saturn: During this entire month Mercury is in Saturn’s sign (Capricorn) and Saturn is in Virgo a sign ruled Mercury. As they mutually aspect each other in a trine aspect, there is a desire to work on projects that will create a positive change within the governments around the world. Practical ideas that can change the world for the betterment of mankind will be sought. As this is Valentine day, love and affection is shared with a new understanding of responsibility, which is the need to work together to achieve goals.

02/15 Mars enters Aquarius: Get ready things are about to change radically now and as soon as Mars and the Sun line up with Neptune. The shift in consciousness is coming through but not without a fight from the rigid stubborn ones who cannot conceive of anything new.

02/17 Sun conjunct Neptune: there is much we cannot see that is going on underground and between our leaders. Most of the dealings are better left secret from the public. The mass media feeds us information they want us to know. Business being conducted behind the scenes does not need public approval for there are some major transactions of a financial deal being worked on amongst world leaders.

02/18 Venus square Saturn: All work and no play seem to be the mantra for this current time, for there is real progress because there is a constant effort to achieve the goals that have been set for yourself. This concerns effects we must put forth as a group in terms achieving goals to help humanity.

02/20 Mercury conjunct Mars: 02/20 Mercury conjunct Neptune: 02/20 Mars conjunct Neptune: I specifically wrote about these events about to take place in my Predictions for the New Year 2011. I am referring to the major crisis that will begin to unfold right now concerning the price of gasoline. It will begin to go sky high. I specifically told investors that oil prices are going to escalate. By this summer it will be one of the worse oil crises we have seen. The omens and messages have been coming to us as clear and possible, with past oil spills, and it is time to work towards a new energy source. And of course that will happen once all the oil companies have their money in the alternative energy sources. The oil companies are now developing all the new sources, but not till they are ready to make their big bucks from the new sources they are developing are we going to be offered this choice. This will dramatically change our economy but not overnight, for there will be new jobs in many areas to compensate these new means of energy. Mars and the Sun conjunct Neptune, the planet who rules oil will activate the escalating price. Late summer Mars will oppose Neptune and begin to slow down before it goes retrograde, it will remain in Leo for about 8 months opposed Neptune intensifying this oil crisis.

02/21 Ketu trine Sun; 02/22 Ketu trine Mercury: The aspect of Ketu to both the Sun and Mercury can change your plans and direction. But there is a more spiritual awareness going on where your intuition is exceptionally acute.

Ketu’s aspect to the Sun will indicate loss of a global leader for the Sun will represent the King or Presidents. The respect of the world’s leaders has dropped considerably. Many are very disillusioned with those who govern their countries.

02/24 Ketu trine Mars: This can create an uprising of hostility resulting is attacks. Ketu and Mars both rule accidents and fire so be careful during this time. It is an unpredictable time and not good for travel.

02/25 Mercury conjunct Sun: During this week that the Sun is exactly conjunct Mercury, this is actually the superior conjunction meaning it is lined up with the Sun but is actually on the other side of the Sun from us. The inferior conjunction of Mercury with the Sun means it is closest to earth on the inside of the Sun and at that point it is retrograde, but at the superior conjunction it is actually moving at its fastest speed. This means things are moving forward on planet earth. Mentally your are clear and can perceive the future enabling you to make good plans. Trust your intuition, for you are more receptive and open to spiritual forces.

02/25 Jupiter square Pluto: This is an aspect that will flavor the entire year, and when all the faster moving planets come into the sign of Pisces events will begin to happen concerning the energy of these two planets. In March and April the lineup will begin. Both signs these two planets are in are Sagittarius and Pisces are ruled by Jupiter which are the signs that represent spiritual evolvement. Both pertain to endings as well, for Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and The nakshatra Uttara Bhadrapada’s symbol is the back legs of a funeral cot. While Pluto itself is the god of death and the nakshatra pertains to destruction this clears the way for a new cycle can begin. Mysteries and miracles will appear during the latter spring times when the faster moving planets conjoin Jupiter, but the attention and awareness is surfacing now, while many try to repress it, the topic of spirituality and religion appear frequently. In your own personal lives as well, the mystical and miraculous surfaces but the results will become evident later. There seems to be a big blockade to spiritual energy , but the energy is building and will open soon. Many are awakening to their true spirituality.

02/26 Uranus square Rahu and Ketu: This aspect indicates radical changes. The changes I am referring to concern severe weather and possible earth changes. This appears that mother nature is angry at the world, but essentially it is the need for the world to find balance. The more we disrupt planet earth the more the world reverberates to find balance.

New Moon Chart:
New Moon conjunct Mars, and Mercury, Venus conjunct Rahu, Mars exalted, Mercury and Saturn are in mutual exchange of signs (parivartana).

Important features for the month:
Mars is exactly conjunct the Sun and travels in the same sign with the Sun till May. Both Sun and Mars trine Saturn. Mars is exalted. Saturn and Mercury are in each other’s signs of rulership (parivartana). Jupiter square Rahu and Ketu and later in the month Uranus will square Rahu and Ketu.


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CHANCHAL  - owner   | |2011-02-01 12:37:51
hi there i am so touch by this article i am fan of jony ji she touch your soul
with astrology please read it throwley
Chiron   | |2011-02-11 18:40:29
Joni. How do you think things will play out in Egypt now?
Patti Hoff     | |2011-02-22 13:27:06
I have been following your work since 2006 and appreciate the information
you put out. I recently learned about Nibiru, potentially a planet in another
solar system whose orbit cuts into the path of this solar system. What do you
know of Nibiru and if it is real, what are its implications.
Thank you,
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