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  Joni Patry
News from the Stars January 2013 | Print |
These predictions use the sidereal placements of planets used in Vedic astrology, western astrology uses the tropical zodiac. The aspects will be the same in both systems only the signs and degrees differ by 23-24 degrees.

01/03 Mercury square Uranus: 01/06 Mercury conjunct Pluto:
As Mercury comes to conjoin and square Uranus the first week of January those in power use their leverage to get their way. Major contention is building as blocks to change and compromise cause a stalemate. Blame is cast on opposing views only magnifying the impending problems.

01/04 Venus enters Sagittarius, Jupiter trines Mars: As Venus transits Sagittarius it comes into the sign ruled by Jupiter, while Jupiter is in Taurus ruled by Venus. This mutual exchange of signs (parivartana) accentuates Jupiter as it is weak in this sign and still retrograde. Because Venus and Jupiter are in a 6/8 relationship problems increase for there are no real solutions to the massive problems building. This will put the attention on the growing problems within the banking system worldwide. The economy is growing weaker and the world is recognizing the faltering system that needs to be completely revamped. Government programs are being stripped from the people as a means to recover the impending losses. It will build more chaos and anger within an already tormented society.

01/07 Mars square Saturn: Tension and anger are at a breaking point for the stress is about to explode in a clash of minds. Can we settle on agreeing to disagree? Not with government affairs, for there must be a compromise. But still there is a dead lock concerning many who run our countries no matter what is being publicized.

Saturn rules government and the constraints and limitations are tested and stretched to the max. Contention and arguments break out and cause a further breakdown.

As Jupiter trines Mars the government decides to help the failing banking systems but the real problems are suppressed. A surge of power in the form of opportunity boosts the system. Since Mars rules real estate plans to enhance the banks and loans concerning homes improve the economy. Real estate is the best investment this year, prices are at the lowest and value will increase in 2014 when Jupiter goes into exaltation in Cancer. 

01/11 New Moon 27 degrees Sagittarius; nakshatra Uttara Ashadha: 01/12 Venus square Uranus: The stellium of planets in Sagittarius invoke issues with beliefs and religion worldwide. Revolution and rebellion in the Middle East are building war and hostility. Planets in Sagittarius are joining forces with Pluto squaring Uranus thus activating the Uranus/Pluto square.

01/13 Sun enters Capricorn: 01/15 Mercury enters Capricorn: The planets are now uniting in the sign Capricorn joining forces with Mars in exaltation. Capricorn rules the government and this can represent great progress and movement in the financial plans for the economy. New ideas and plans instill excitement and hope from the merging of great minds. Economist and government leaders devise future plans to rebuild a new government that promotes wealth and business.

01/14 Rahu enters Libra and Ketu enters Aries: (true nodes): If you use the mean nodes Rahu and Ketu have shifted signs around December 23rd 2012. The nodes waver back and forth so the mean node is the mean of where the nodes actually are, and the true node is the actual placement. I use the true node. When on the cusp the world changes. This is a turning point for this entire year. The winds of change will begin with a fury. Rahu and Ketu will be in Libra/Aries till July 13, 2014.  Because Rahu is joining forces with exalted Saturn many extreme events will occur to create the balance needed. As Mars and the Sun merge with Ketu around the time of the solar eclipse in April and May a turning point will occur that will change the direction of world events. This will be a very critical time on planet Earth.

01/16 Venus conjunct Pluto: Many in power will revel in their accomplishments. There is hope and confidence in a new year but don’t get too complacent for there is much yet to come in 2013.

01/18 Mercury conjunct Sun: 01/22 Jupiter trine Mercury: As Jupiter begins to station at 12 degrees Taurus it is casting a trine to the Sun and Mercury as they unit in Capricorn. This gives leeway to clarity for future plans enabling an agreement that has finally been worked out by officials.

01/25 Mars enters Aquarius, Mercury square Saturn, Jupiter trine Sun: The disbanding of planets in Capricorn into Aquarius promotes humanitarian efforts to create peace in the world because there is a definite need across the globe.

01/26 Full Moon 13 degrees Cancer; nakshatra Pushya: the world is shifting back and forth from hope and optimism to fear of loss and destruction. The world is unclear and unsure whether this hope is real or false because some things are not lining up or making sense.  The ground is shaky and reality is beginning to set in.

01/28 Venus enters Capricorn: Venus in Capricorn now switches the parivartana of Venus with Saturn. Venus in Capricorn ruled by Saturn and Saturn in Libra ruled by Venus. Work on balancing the economy becomes the obsession of the masses and the reality of the work required by the government seems overwhelming but must be a focus and addressed. There is an awakening.

01/30 Sun square Saturn, Jupiter Stationary Direct 12 degrees Taurus: Jupiter turning direct will give way to future progress. Jupiter can now operate without the distraction and drain of being in the same sign with Ketu. Jupiter is now empowered to clean up and heal the problems Jupiter with Ketu surfaced. Over the last year as the eclipses crossed over Jupiter many issues concerning the banks and Wall Street appeared, for the sign Taurus rules banks and money. The uncovering of the fraud and corruption produced an overwhelming problem but the truth leads to healing.

The areas Jupiter is transiting in your personal charts will begin to offer freer energy, manifesting what has been delayed. Within the chart for the US, it releases the delay in health care and work issues in the US, as it will transit the 6th house of health and work through May.

Rahu is approaching Saturn, a new form of government will be appointed to create the foundation for growth and prosperity. It will take time to create a solid ground to build. Mercury is traveling at top speed so it gives clear judgment and new ideas.

This will be a year of extremes with weather. Expect a very cold winter. The weather patterns and storms will break records.

01/03 Mercury square Uranus
01/04 Venus enters Sagittarius, Jupiter trines Mars
01/06 Mercury conjunct Pluto
01/07 Mars square Saturn
01/11 New Moon 27 degrees Sagittarius; nakshatra Uttara Ashadha
01/12 Venus square Uranus
01/14 Rahu enters Libra and Ketu enters Aries
01/13 Sun enters Capricorn
01/15 Mercury enters Capricorn
01/16 Venus conjunct Pluto
01/18 Mercury conjunct Sun
01/22 Jupiter trine Mercury
01/25 Mars enters Aquarius, Mercury square Saturn, Jupiter trine Sun
01/26 Full Moon 13 degrees Cancer; nakshatra Pushya
01/28 Venus enters Capricorn
01/30 Sun square Saturn, Jupiter Stationary Direct 12 degrees Taurus


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