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  Joni Patry
News from the Stars March 2013 | Print |
These predictions use the sidereal placements of planets used in Vedic astrology, western astrology uses the tropical zodiac. The aspects will be the same in both systems only the signs and degrees differ by 23-24 degrees.

On a personal level when planets, particularly Mercury goes retrograde we must look into our spiritual inventory. This is a time when major life events or a particular issue you have been working on in this lifetime will surface for you to take a good look at and learn from. This Mercury retrograde is different than most, for Saturn turned retrograde simultaneously. Mercury is in Aquarius, which is ruled by Saturn, and both planets turning retrograde direct us to heal matters from our past. Saturn retrograde in Libra surfaces past karma around relationships for healing of a life long condition. Saturn is in Libra ruled by Venus. And Venus is in Aquarius ruled by Saturn exchange signs. This is a powerful time to heal relationships and the core issues that have caused problems around love.  Use this valuable time to connect to the heart energy and heal your life.

On a public level internal anger will externalize in sudden outbursts and attacks. The planets will gather and converge over Neptune, the damage made from revealing information infuriates the masses. There is a mass social uprising activated through the media. But the public doesn’t realize the controlling forces are manipulating them, and misdirects their anger.  Nonetheless, the masses are fighting and the truth is protected.

March 17: Mercury will turn direct in Aquarius conjunct Neptune. Minds open to the deep corruption occurring deep within the government and world economy. The forces of dark and light continue to butt heads. Social strife and contention are heating up to a crescendo.

As Rahu in Libra aspects the planets in Aquarius (Sun, Mercury, Venus, Neptune) stress and frustration magnifies within the economy. The extremes are quickly doubling in force and power.

March 27: The full Moon sheds light on the truth and gives rise to more anger and frustration, for greed, control and power rule the world from a very secretive place. The forces of power no longer rule outwardly as dictators like Stalin and Hitler, but now secretly behind the scenes with their luring deception of powerful money. There will be assumed suicides in relation to blame in the corruption and loss in Wall Street and the banks. 

An economic crisis is the result of this suppressed energy.  Nothing upsets the masses more than financial doom.  As Mars joins forces with the Sun and Uranus violent outburst will plague the world. For the next three months the world will be at war with itself. March, April and May are grounds for worldly destruction. Mars is traveling neck and neck with the Sun and as it approaches Uranus there will be explosions.

By the end of the month Mars will conjoin Uranus causing upsetting sudden events that stress the global economy. The Euro cannot endure the tension. Europe is thrown in a downturn of economic crises. There will be sudden earthquakes and natural disasters globally.
The onset of these three days is critical. Beware of many events that are a release of concentrated anger and frustration, expect attacks on political rulers and earthquakes. A cleansing is necessary, for the toxic and vile undercurrents of energy are building. 

Aspects that are causing the social and emotional strife:
03/22 Mars conjunct Uranus: attacks and explosions
03/25 Mars aspect Saturn: (8th full aspect): endings that cause major breakdowns
03/26 Mars square Pluto: The fall of control and power from political and world powers. This will cause an initial breakdown but will lead to the healing that must take place to make the world a freer and better place. Unfortunately this requires the sacrifice of many to bring forth freedom from corruptive forces.  The combination of these powerful aspects indicate a period of social unrest and destruction.

03/01 Sun trine Saturn
03/04 Mercury conjunct Sun, Mars enters Pisces, Venus square Jupiter
03/06 Mercury conjunct Venus, Mercury trine Saturn, Venus trine Saturn
03/08 Saturn aspect Pluto (full 3rd aspect)
03/09 Mercury square Jupiter
03/11 New Moon 27 degrees Aquarius; nakshatra Purva Bhadrapada
03/14 Sun enters Pisces
03/17 Venus enters Pisces, Mercury stationary direct 11 degrees Aquarius
03/22 Mars conjunct Uranus
03/25 Mars aspect Saturn (8th full aspect)
03/26 Mars square Pluto
03/27 Full Moon 12 degrees Virgo; nakshatra Hasta
03/28 Mercury trine Saturn, Venus conjunct Sun, Venus conjunct Uranus, Sun conjunct Uranus
03/29 Mercury square Neptune
03/31 Venus square Pluto, Sun square Pluto


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Zsuzsanna Rothschild  - Saturn retrograde..   | |2013-02-25 22:31:11
Could you please tell me when Saturn will go direct?
Thanks Joni.
Grate ,like
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