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  Joni Patry
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The Age of Pisces

"I Believe"

Contemplating the level of consciousness on the planet currently it is obvious that we are still in the age of Pisces. According to precession we have been in this age for 2,000 years, and my calculations put us around 6 degrees of Pisces. This is called the Precession of the Equinoxes and this is what astrologers use to determine the ages of mankind. As we progress through all the signs of the zodiac we experience different ages based on the meanings of all the zodiacal signs. It will take about 24,000 to 26,000 years to travel through all the signs. This is the evolution of humanity. Precession of the Equinoxes travels backwards in the zodiac. It takes about 72 years to move only one degree. So there are 6 degrees left to finish out the age of Pisces before we begin the Age of Aquarius, therefore 6 degrees of Pisces X 72 years = 432. So this means we have around 432 years left in the age of Pisces. So it is the "Dawning of the Age of Aquarius" for this long. Sorry I wish we were closer as the song implies of the late sixties “This is the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius”.planet earth

Understanding that we are in the age of Pisces for a while, let's analyze what we are here to learn from it. The saying for Pisces is “I Believe”. It began with the appearance of Jesus Christ. This set off the entire wave of consciousness in terms of Christianity. All the churches were built in Europe, and here in Texas there is a church on almost every corner. The fish is the symbol for both Pisces and Christianity. According to an interesting movie I just saw, “Religulous” with Bill Maher, the savior phenomenon is a story that precedes every culture and religions from the beginning of time. The savior phenomenon in which was even portrayed in the movie Tommy I wrote about in my last newsletter is very Piscean. For it depicts that there is a God outside ourselves, who has all the qualities of man and who can save us from all the dire consequences of this mean and hateful world. I guess this story will always exist as long as people perceive God as an external being who saves us. This concept is exactly what we are here to learn and the message of our time currently couldn’t be clearer. The whole Christ story told from many perspectives represents the victim mentality. That you must seek outside yourself for answers and you are not responsible for the conditions in your life, someone else caused you to be unhappy. The only real sense of security comes from the belief that if you believe, (there is that word) in Jesus Christ as your savior then you will go to heaven forever. I wish it could be that easy! But with these kinds of beliefs we have built many churches that have no tolerance for differing beliefs. The fact is, in the age of Pisces we have attached ourselves to our beliefs to save us from the outside world. Every religion believes that their way is the only way, and they are the only ones who hold the truth. This has become very dangerous. For throughout the age of Pisces people have killed others based on their religious beliefs. In the Age of Aquarius things will be very different, and the history of our era will seem very primitive. Our fascination with killing others, war, and our means of entertainment will seem very barbaric as well. Sorry guys, in the future I don’t see kids playing video games where in order to win you have to shoot and kill people, or even sports where for one side to win, the other has to lose. The Age of Aquarius will be a time where others recognize our likenesses instead of having an intolerance of the differences. I know we are not yet in the Age of Aquarius but we can now recognize the path we are headed towards. The saying for Aquarius is “I know”. This means the truth of this world will be known and there will be no more blind faith in beliefs that are destructive to humanity.

What is a belief? A belief is an opinion that appears to be a truth to the individual. Beliefs are formed by events that happen to us that evoke an emotional response. A belief is formed and begins to formulate our lives. As we believe in something, the emotional response seems to be consistent with the results perceived. Some beliefs are taught at a very early age such as religious beliefs. We become our beliefs and to shake them or threaten them with opposing or contrary beliefs threatens our sense of who we are. We all have our own beliefs. What we believe gives us our sense of security. The problem here is there is no real security. Nothing lasts forever. Our security gives us a sense of protection. But we really have no control over this. We must find ways to alleviate our fear of the unknown. This is a very scary place to be for we have no control over the events that can happen to us. Our beliefs give us a sense of security in this unpredictable world.

I am writing about beliefs because of the recent political race. I have come to understand that our own personal beliefs became a part of the dichotomy of this recent frenzy. My mother always said, "Never talk religion or politics if you want to win friends and influence people." I just never understood why people became so emotionally vested in their political views. I do understand the emotional reactions people have when their religious beliefs are threatened, because it threatens the core of their security or beliefs. But I never put this in perspective with people’s political views. What I have come to understand now, is that political views are the same as their religious views. I now understand that someone’s religious views and the political views are based on the same thing, their beliefs.

The whole premise of the American political arena is based on two opposites, republican (conservative) and democrat (liberal). This creates the polarizing of our nation and world. It seems the best we can do with the level of consciousness currently, but ultimately we must find balance and follow the path of detachment from the extremes toward any political side.

Last year Jupiter was in Sagittarius and will change into Capricorn on December 9th 2008, where it will remain most of the year. Jupiter is powerful in the sign Sagittarius because it is in its own sign of rulership. Jupiter rules Sagittarius. I have come to understand that it means fanaticism in religious beliefs. This past year there has been a strong fanaticism with beliefs. I see it externalized itself through politics. Whenever there is fanaticism there is chaos, for there is no balance. The rise and fall of the stock market is based on the emotional climate of the masses, and with the emotional extremes this produced the volatility of markets. Why is there so much fanaticism? Because there is so much fear! Why is there so much fear? Because there is an intolerance of others beliefs! So why do people become intolerant of others beliefs? Because it threatens their beliefs! If we were secure in our beliefs then others beliefs would not threaten us. But the fact of the matter is, we are all at a crises point where our old beliefs don’t fit in with our reality any more. As a child you didn’t question your beliefs. It would have been unheard of to do so. But now we have a new spirituality emerging that looks at these myths differently, and there is a breakdown of most religions. People are losing their faith in a belief that gave them a sense of security.

What is happening now is our beliefs are being threatened. Our beliefs are what give us our sense of security. Our beliefs are being challenged from a political front as well as a religious front. Beliefs in religion and politics are the same. We hold passionately to our beliefs because it is at the core of who we are and we do not like to be invalidated. We especially do not like to be wrong.

There was the same emotional volatility of the 1960’s. I was a child of the 60s and remember with great emotion the events. I think I have a particular understanding since I remember the day President Kennedy was assassinated. Remember I am from Dallas, Texas! The day he came to Dallas on November 22, 1963 there was much excitement in our home. My mother adored him and took my 2 older sisters Marsha and Carol out of school to go greet him at the airport, Dallas Love Field. Not long ago I have seen footage of him walking off the airplane at Love Field and the first person he walks to shake their hand was my sister Carol ,who in the footage jumps up and down with excitement. My mother was even in old pictures shaking his hand at Love Field. This was the most joyful day in my mother’s life and at the same time the saddest day all wrapped up in one. They proceeded to follow him to be in the crowds while he paraded through downtown Dallas, where the unthinkable occurred. I remember being in school watching the television in our classroom. The sadness in the nation was overwhelming. To avoid the unthinkable again we must change our fanatical beliefs. No one person will be able to change the momentum of the country.

When I wrote this newsletter on November 18th, I was possessed to write this part about President Kennedy’s visit to Dallas, TX. November 22, 1963. I didn’t know why I was compelled to write about my personal experience on that day because at the time I didn't think I would be using it in the newsletter. But later on that night my son Preston sent me a link to a clip of the exact scene I wrote about in explicit detail earlier, the scene where Kennedy walks over to my sisters and mother and shakes their hand. In this clip, the first person he walks up to was my sister Carol. Understand, I wrote this part in the morning, not knowing why I was compelled to write about this. Then that very evening after writing this my son sent me this clip from 1963, unaware that I wrote about this scene earlier that day. I feel it is yet another omen (the 3rd Omen, the previous 2 are in my November newsletter) indicating the trends of things to come. I did feel like I was in the “Twilight Zone”. Here are his note and the video.

From Preston, "I thought you would like the 6th minute of this clip."

Looking at the astrological patterns in the sky will give us a glimpse into our fate as a nation. Can we outwit the stars? I have to believe it is possible, but not likely. Those who are familiar with Paramahansa Yogananda know in his book The Autobiography of a Yogi he has a chapter called Out Witting the Stars. His teacher Swami Sri Yukteswar told him he would be married four times. Yogananda took a copy of his chart and burned it in a fire saying “may the seeds of my karma be burned away”. He then took a life of renunciation, bringing his form of spirituality to America. So, it is possible to change our karma but it takes the persistence of a spiritual devotee to complete such a feat.

The astrological trends of events and the social climate in this world, particularly in America, are moving us toward destruction. As an astrologer, I have always felt that it is my responsibility to reveal what I see. But, for now I completely understand why Nostradamus had to write in quatrains so that the public could not understand exactly what he saw. As a mystic and astrologer, I am going to encourage and guide you in ways that you can change the outcome for the next few years.

We really need to find balance. That is the only way we can avert the destruction facing this world. This polarized view is going to create the mass confusion, chaos and further the economic crisis in our country. If you consider yourself a light-worker who wants positive changes for our country and our world then you cannot participate in the extremist opinions of either political side. We need to watch that our judgments do not turn into resentments that could separate us from the truth. The need to be right must not outweigh the need to be compassionate and loving.

Those of you who participated in the extreme judgments of any of the political candidates, must see that your righteousness is contributing to the mass extremes that will keep our nation in a polarity and cause our ultimate destruction. Practice patience, balance and compassion. Do not listen to the biased opinions of the media, or extremist for either side. If you are getting emotionally involved in any of the political opinions either way please detach yourself. This is the only way you are going to have an effect on future trends. We do not want the stars to play out the way that the indications suggest. I have made some very strong predictions in my last newsletter and in this current 2009 predictions that may be realized if we do not make a conscious effort to change our feelings, attitudes and opinions. The masses are fixated on looking to the current new Presidential regime to cure all our problems. The slogan was “Change”. But how can we have change when we have not changed? The definition of insanity is expecting a different result when you keep doing the same thing. It is a time to seek balance. Balance is the ultimate lesson in this world.

There is no real security in this world, but only through the belief and trust in our own Divine power that we have come to learn and grow in conscious awareness. It is time to connect to your higher self. Take time out in meditation daily, and most of all I encourage everyone to connect to the subconscious through one's own dreams. We do just as much growth in our sleep as we do on a conscious level and if you can learn to use the dream state to connect to your higher self you will grow spiritually by leaps and bounds. While we are sleeping is a time we are in touch with our subconscious and it will give direction through the vast powerful tool of symbology. Dreams have been used and revered throughout the ancient times. You will begin to see the omens being revealed in your conscious waking hours and begin to trust in the Divine spirit’s presence in your daily life. Awake or asleep, this will give you the sense of security that everything will always be as it should be, no matter what happens it is for your highest good. Everything is for our growth, as individual souls and as members of humanity. We must understand this and embrace it. The astrological positions of the stars and planets can be read in this way.

Let’s work together as spiritual light-workers to change our conscious awareness to shift this possible outcome. If you are able to disconnect from the anger of the current world situation of the economics currently then you will find that the loss will not affect you; but the more you attach yourself to the extremes in the economy the more loss you will experience. This is the law of attraction. These times of loss, destruction and economic ruin will be heightened if you participate in this mass pandemonium. But if you do not surrender to the trends, you can be part of the light-workers who turn things around for a spiritual revolution. This spiritual revolution is not based on religious beliefs. It is based on releasing the need to be right. In the Course of Miracles, the saying, “Would you rather be right or would you rather be happy?” couldn’t be clearer for the simple choice we must make. This is a marvelous time for a spiritual awakening!

2009 is a great year of change! The Obama key word for Change couldn’t have been more appropriate. There are multitudes of planetary aspects that are a once in a lifetime occurrence. For those who are fixated in the materialistic world, this will be a year of destitution and great loss. For those who are focused on the spiritual evolution of the planet this will be a year of great revolutions and transformations. This is the year of the great “Awakening." Never again in our lifetime will things be this volatile. This is a great cleansing that needs to occur. If you can focus on the good that is going to come out of this year, instead of the tragedy, you will be transformed as a spirit. Focus on the mass fear and you will be destitute.

People are projecting fear, anger, and mistrust. These are the attributes our leaders are about, because the world leaders are a reflection of the masses. People are hoping the next political regime will save us, but the fear and anger are still there. Unless you can let go of your blame, fear and anger, it will again be projected and become the blame outside of ourselves when it is only we who have created it all along. Look at the external world as a projection of what is within each of us, and see the lessons we must grow through as a part of humanity. You will begin to see that there really is nothing out there, but rather within yourself. This is a very empowering thought to realize as you change your mind. Change your thoughts and you will change yourself and the world. The external drama is here to teach us how we can grow and become more conscious.

The most important transit of 2009 is the conjunction of Jupiter with Rahu which occurs February 14th. Jupiter will briefly enter Aquarius May through July and conjunct Neptune. This can go two ways. Neptune can mean a deep spiritual experience or mass deception. I believe there will be two groups of people in the world; the deeply delusional swayed by everything in the media, and the deeply spiritual who are anchored in the truth of the spiritual advancement of this planet. The deceivers will play on people’s emotions which are attached to their beliefs. Their philosophy is based on fear. This can cause the uprising of many cults and fanatics wrapped up in radical beliefs.

March is a monumental month for change! Radical shifts and explosive events! The economy, the government, the stock market…everything will reach a bottom or an extreme. There may be a major attack that will be a shock to hit our nation and the world. This is the turning point, for things will never be the same after this month.

The summer months will be chaotic culminating into more shifts and transformations in July and August. The July solar eclipse will produce massive changes again that will promote great fear. The government is in shambles and cannot recover from the devastating downturns of the economy and radical means are taken. Political leader’s lives are threatened.

September 9th Saturn will enter into Virgo which will give more organization and structure to the world and government. Saturn’s sojourn through Leo with Ketu focuses on the shift of leaders in the world. Now it is time to get the work done and clean up all the extremes and excesses. The truth will be revealed. The truth is not based on fear, and gives a sense of freedom and new possibilities.

In November Rahu and Ketu will enter into the Sagittarius and Gemini axis. As Rahu nears the Galactic Center with Pluto, expect another awakening. It may be ugly, for the truth will uncover many ulterior motives to which the masses have been blinded.

Understand what you want to change. Don’t repeat this word “Change” without a clear picture of what you want to change. To seek “change” at any cost just because you don’t like the way things are going is very dangerous, for it is an angry response with no direction. Be focused as to exactly what it is you want to change. Obama uses the words Change, Believe and Hope without any definition of these key words. It is left open to the masses to project their own interpretations of what those words mean to each individual. Each person projects their own version of what these words mean to them. This is very empowering to each individual for this is why the masses have such great appeal for Obama. Obama states John McCain represents the old and no change. This was a powerful image to instill in the minds of all who are so disenfranchised and disillusioned with their lives and the world. He asserts that the government and current policies are the cause for all our problems, and is to blame for all the conditions we am experiencing. Remember NOBODY has made you do anything, made you feel a certain way, or is the cause for the unhappiness in your life.

But, Obama can save us from this imminent destruction with hope of a change we can believe in. This is dangerous! For as in all the stories of the savior, they come to realize he cannot do it for them. If people want change in their lives they must do it for themselves. So as the story goes they turn on the perceived savior and kill him. They attach themselves to someone outside of themselves to save them, taking no real responsibilities of their own. This is the lesson of our time in the age of Pisces. The question is, will we ever get it? I believe once we do get this message we will quit attaching ourselves to the messenger and truly overcome our need to be saved, because we will begin saving ourselves. This is the theme in all religions and all the myths, cartoons and fairy tales of this age. This is truly the lesson of our time. It was the theme in Mighty Mouse, “Here I come to save the day.” Popeye, Olive Oil, “Help Popeye Save me,” and Superman, to name a few. Once we can take responsibility to save ourselves, our lives will be in control and it will work! We will attain our goals. We cannot expect or depend on any outside source to do it for us. It is so simple; the message has always been the same.

This is our lesson on Earth in the age of Pisces! The world is but an illusion created by our thoughts. Begin to think and believe in the power you possess, and you will be a creator of the new world of love and compassion. Take a good look at yourself and see what you are projecting. You must be the change you desire and want. We are co-creating a world of destruction with our destructive thoughts, particularly the thoughts of victimization. Remember, victims never get anywhere nor get what they want. By taking back your control and putting yourself in the driver’s seat of your own life, you will begin to drive your life in the direction you want to go. Be responsible for your own actions. Don’t blame others for the short comings in your life, for it is nobody’s fault but yours. With this new awareness you will achieve all your goals and acquire everything that you want or desire. This is the powerful message of our time on this planet. It is being projected so clearly in this current political arena. The message of "Change" you can believe in, and in hope, comes only through yourself. Once you believe in yourself you will see the change you had hoped for!

See each month's "News from the Stars" e-newsletter/blog entry for even more information including Joni's Vedic astrology planetary predictions and the charts used.

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laura neville  - Challenge for Change   | |2008-12-08 01:06:02
It is very obvious that we all should focus our energy in a very concentrated
manner-towards whateve positive change that we can envision. It is clearly not
going to be an easy flow of energy in the country, the world or

Thank you , Joni...for stating what you see as the coming issues.
Again, just like a weather forecaster, you present the facts of the situation
and gave an analysis of how the factors may converge at different points. It is
up to all of us to pay attention and plan a course of action....
Laura from
David Bruce Hughes  - Change Your Consciousness     | |2008-12-11 11:37:17
Right on Joni! Consciousness is the most important factor in our experience of
the world. The world is reflected in the mirror of our consciousness. If our
consciousness is distorted by attachment and aversion to material extremes, then
the view of the world it reflects is distorted like a funhouse mirror. But if
our consciousness is clear, detached and collected in meditative understanding
of the self, then it reflects an accurate picture like a perfect mirror. Thus by
changing the quality of our consciousness, we change the world we live in
Patty Kovacs  - Producer / Host     | |2008-12-11 14:53:51
Joni, Thank you for sharing the great inspiring message today and particularly
the video of your sister meeting President Kennedy. It's no coincidence you have
such a deep tie to that fateful day. Your first-hand, personal recall of that
profoundly pivotol day in history ignites your passionate message of the
present, urging us towards a higher quality of consciousness. You keep telling
us of similar energy to build should we continue victimization, judgement, &
rage as well as the way we can be creators of a new world of love and compassion
if we choose peace and respect for one another instead. Keep reminding and
inspiring us.
Adrian Cox  - yoga teacher and hypnotherapist     | |2008-12-11 17:22:49
It sounds like 2009 is quite rough. I'm wondering your thoughts about the 2012
predictions / Mayan calendar? I don't think I've seen you address this?
chenna k  - consciousness     | |2008-12-12 05:47:24
i completely second babajee's review (David Bruce)
David Bruce Hughes  - @Adrian re: 2012     | |2008-12-12 06:12:42
Adrian and All,

We have a complete online video seminar on 2012 on our website.
Kalidas (Geoff Zinderdine)  - Hindu Philosopher   | |2008-12-12 16:35:44
Hello Joni,

While I agree with your analysis that the coming year will be
tumultuous and traumatic for both America and the world, I must take some small
issue with the way that your interpretation is shaped by your personal political
leaning. Your view of the Obama campaign as messianic is a caricature drawn
from the McCain campaign commercial "One" and repeated to mock the
candidate for his popularity. The Obama campaign was transformative in its
outreach and involvement across the country. Tens and perhaps hundreds of
thousands of people volunteered, millions donated considerable amounts of money
prior to Election Day. Please remember that karma is from the root kr. or
"to do". In that respect there was a tremendous transformative event in
America where millions of beings actively participated in changing their
environment to be more ecologically sensitive, more compassionate to those who
are suffering and more engaged in the stewardship of their government.

hopes of this movement are not nebulous, they are a clearly defined repudiation
of the selfishness of the current social darwinism which has masqueraded as free
market capitalism. This campaign was not about just getting a man elected, it
was about continuing to contribute in an engaged, rational manner to restoring
what America is at its best. Believe me, there was no shortage of specific,
measurable objectives underpinning the slogans of Hope and Change. Moreover, I
have found that even neophytes involved in the political process had far greater
knowledge of these issues than in any year I can remember in the last 40

As to your theory that the world is created by our thoughts, this is not
substantiated by the teachings of Vedanta. This world is created by the
thoughts AND actions of countless beings, not ours alone. We are very much tied
to one an...
Kalidas (Geoff Zinderdine)  - (continued)   | |2008-12-12 16:36:52
measurable objectives underpinning the slogans of Hope and Change. Moreover, I
have found that even neophytes involved in the political process had far greater
knowledge of these issues than in any year I can remember in the last 40

As to your theory that the world is created by our thoughts, this is not
substantiated by the teachings of Vedanta. This world is created by the
thoughts AND actions of countless beings, not ours alone. We are very much tied
to one another. While we can have a transformative impact on the world by right
thinking and clear seeing, no amount of visualization will stop global warming,
wars of misadventure, profligate greed in our political and corporate life, etc.
These require compassion, understanding and CONCRETE ACTION.

Such concrete
actions have propelled President-elect Obama to the position he is in, not any
kind of mythical victim complex on the part of his followers coupled with
pollyannish expectations. In fact, it has been the province of the modern GOP
to complain about how gay fascists are discriminating against Christians as
Gingrich has said lately, immigrants have been taking jobs from Americans, etc.
Their sense of entitlement, intolerance of diversity and lack of loving
engagement with the poor and downtrodden are directly responsible for the
position they find themselves in.
chiron   | |2008-12-13 04:53:42
Kalidas. I obviously strongly disagree with you. There are countless
astrological sites out in the blogosphere that have fawned over Obama and used
astroganda to force feed the naive tripe galore in the guise of astrology. Ms.
Patry has carefully staked out a rather neutral stance in line with universal
law. There are many 'enlightened' individuals who are hardly republican who do
not share your positive thoughts about Obama at all, rather they have felt
uneasy and uncomfortable about him to the very core of their being from the
start of his campaign. As an astrologer I see a strong dichotomy in his chart.
Some positive indicators, other very troubling ones. To assign to Obama the
primary causitive inspiration for the generalized and transformitive
philosophies that have emerged towards participative government, ecological
responsibility and rational approach to the market system is naive and
dismissive of the decades long work of other more accomplished and experienced
individuals who walked that path long before his appearance on the scene. Your
examples counterintuitively only support Ms. Patry's reasoning and position.
sorry to disagree but I grew weary of the blind hosannahs on the insufferable me
too web sites on this topic long ago and find Ms. Patry's reasoned and neutral
position refreshing and more in the true spirit of traditional astrological
Kalidas  - Response to Chiron   | |2008-12-13 22:45:10
Respectfully, you misunderstand my point. I am not one to whitewash the
complexities of Obama's character and the challenges he faces. I did not assert
that Obama has caused anything. What I said was that his election was the
result of an *engaged* and reasoned populace, not a fatuous and deluded one.
He was/is a zeitgeist-- his election is transformational in the sense that
Reagan's was. Please note that I did not speak of Obama's personality nor his
qualities. I addressed what I saw as a specious characterization of the people
and huge amount of work that put him in power. To attribute it to Messianic
fervor is not a neutral characterization, it is extremely value-laden. To
ignore his exhaustively detailed policies and say there is no substance behind
his slogans is simply innacurate.

By all means there should be spirited
discussion of issues, but in these days of sloganeering fundamentalists from
Alaska and barely literate plumbers from Ohio it was not possible on the
campaign trail. In light of this, it is not surprising that so many astrologers
support Obama is hardly surprising. Very few inquisitive, educated and
compassionate individuals cleave to institutional conservatism in the USA any
more, regardless of who runs against it.
Old Mayfly  - We are the change we have been waiting for.   | |2008-12-14 09:04:55
I think the quote is exact--if not, please correct. Obama said, "We are the
change we have been waiting for."

In other words, change is in our hands,
not to be bestowed by some outside rescuer.
chiron   | |2008-12-14 13:04:21
Astrologers are citizens too and have the right to hold political opinion and to
express that political opinion. However they walk a fine line. When they use
astrology, shade interpretation, omit aspects and transits that may invalidate
already contorted interpretations to 'enhance' an individual's personal
characteristics for political impact, that is out of order with universal law.
You yourself stated "I must take some small issue with the way that your
interpretation is shaped by your personal political leaning." My point was
that Joni's interpretations have been benign and rather neutral compared to the
astroganda that has been insidiously packaged out there in the blogosphere so I
find that observation to be quite hollow.

Yes there was a movement afoot.
That movement had more to do with the frustrations the left felt after eight
years of a rather dogmatic and paranoid conservative administration. Whether GWB
was or was not productive as #43, I will consign that task to the historians.
However engaged does not mean educated, nor does it mean liberal versus
conservative. Many Republicans ended up supporting Obama, and many long time
Democrats found themselves on the outs with their own party as a result of a
deep aversion to Obama that still resonates to this day. 'Reasoned" is
subject to interpretation. I am one who remains convinced that Obama has
purposefully obscured his past and would like all his records released. The
remarkable and sudden appearance on his own web site weeks ago of the admission
that yes indeed he once held dual citizenship under the 14th amendment,
resonated with me personally as an obvious and unseemly deception after his
attempts at plausible denial on the topic for for many months. So quite the
opposite, I believe his election was based on many deceptions and
misrepresentations, and "a hug...
Mandelay  - reply to Chiron   | |2008-12-14 20:54:34
Chiron, please post the remainder of your comments after the word
"purposefull." I think you hit a word limit and that's why your
comments were cut off.
chiron   | |2008-12-15 08:54:16
sorry about that. I wasn't sure if the comment went through at all. Joni you
could edit out the repeats please.
chiron   | |2008-12-16 17:19:54
obscured his past and would like all his records released. The remarkable and
sudden appearance on his own web site weeks ago of the admission that yes indeed
he once held dual citizenship under the 14th amendment, resonated with me
personally as an obvious and unseemly deception after his attempts at plausible
denial on the topic for many months. So quite the opposite, I believe his
election was based on many deceptions and misrepresentations, and "a huge
amount of work" by special interests,illegal ACORN actics, George Soros
'dirty money', and behind the cenes characters who are blood brothers to
Blagojevich. Many Democrats who dissented were threatened, attacked, censored,
mocked, deprecated and physically attacked. So all was not sweetness and light
as you seem to believe whether from the newly vicious left or the Alaskan
fundamentalists. That is my personal political belief, my astrological
interpretations of his chart, if one believes the birth information is rather
more neutral since I adhere to my own tenet that astrology indeed remain
neutral. But, even the astrology would caution attributing such terms as
zeitgeist to him as it has been to Reagan, since Reagan's actual policies and
record, whether one agrees with them or not were established after eight years
in office. Obama has yet to take office and much can and will change in the
days and weeks ahead. And as even the most starry eyed, drink the koolaid styled
astrologers well know, everything in the universe works in cycles.
chiron   | |2008-12-15 08:57:12
in the days and weeks ahead. And as even the most starry eyed, drink the koolaid
styled astrologers well know, everything in the universe works in cycles.

( That was the rest of the text. )
apologies again for the redundancy )
barbara  - chiron - walk your talk pal   | |2008-12-15 13:13:24
Chiron, in the November blogs, you wrote a chastizing statement after I and
others wrote statements that refuted inacurate comments from bloggers about
Obama. You basically told us to go to political websites to promote our
political views, this is not the right forum, because it is an astrological
site. Now you are clearly expressing your own bias. You delude yourself by
thinking your astrological interpretations are not influenced by your personal
views. Step up and be straight with yourself pal. You don't fool the rest of
barbara  - Chiron walk your talk   | |2008-12-15 13:48:06
Chiron, in the November blogs, you wrote chastising statements to some of us who
comented on inacuracies written by other bloggers about Obama. You basically
said, if we want to promote our political view, to go to a political website not
this astrological website. You are clearly promoting your own political views
here. You owe us an apology. You delude yoursef if you think your astrological
interpretations are not colored by your personal views. You may fool yourself
-you don't fool the rest of us.
Kalidas   | |2008-12-15 14:09:28
Enough with the straw men, Chiron, I said nothing of sweetness and light. I
said simply that a tremendous amount of work/karma goes into modern elections
and if you believe in karma you believe that ultimately the people get the
leaders they merit by their actions and motivations.

In any case, my
statement that Obama is a Zeitgeist is not a complement. It merely means that
he embodies a particular moment in the nation's consciousness. Reagan was a
disaster for those Americans that don't get an erection at merely seeing the
Stars and Stripes waving. Hitler was also a Zeitgeist, and nobody would say
that he was a positive force (Godwin's rule be damned).

Again, you
mischaracterize my statement to Joni about partiality. I said that I took issue
(and only in a small way because I think that Joni's analysis is on balance
excellent) with THE WAY that her leanings color her interpretation. Not that
she should have a particular leaning and express it. I then stated exactly what
I was disagreeing with. It is ironic that you blithely ignore the content of my
comment in your haste to paint me with the same brush as these other astrologers
whose opinions you deplore.

However, our discussion is most certainly
illustrating a fundamental point of Joni's analysis: the opposing forces in our
country are bound to clash resoundingly and it is this clash that will pull
everyone with a modicum of awareness to an understanding of our purpose.

regard, Kalidas
Kalidas   | |2008-12-15 14:10:53
...a modicum of awareness to an understanding of our purpose.

This clash is a
good thing. Peace is not always the dharmic action.

Warm regard, Kalidas
Chiron   | |2008-12-15 19:13:47
Kalidas. One would need to explore the "karma" of elections to
ascertain whether the results were truly Karmic. Many modern elections in many
countries are not true reflections of the people's will, so inherently they can
only be karmic if the nation as a whole deserves to be saddled with inadequate
leaders who cascade the nation into war. Maybe so. Did GWB really win in 2000?
Did Putin really step aside? Did you doubt the outcome of the Iraqi elections at
any point in the process? Did Obama's election have more to do with economics
rather than character?

Gratias for informing us that you find Joni's analysis
excellent on balance. You did not make that statement in your earlier post.
Rather I transfixed on key words that were rather adversarial to what she had to
say. 'Mock', "messianic", "caricature"
etc. reflect a certain
disdain. My point was that Joni's analysis was among the most neutral I have
seen. relatively devoid of bias. It is obvious that in your response you wish
to defend your perception of the meaning of the Obama movement or cult. And as
I have stated in several replies everyone is entitled to their opinion. But
there is a difference between stating a political opinion, and using an
astrological interpretation stretched to the limit to bolster that political
opinion while blithely ignoring counter indicators. Joni's analysis is amongst
the cleanest on the web. That was my point in her defense.
Chiron   | |2008-12-15 19:14:19
the cleanest on the web. That was my point in her defense.
Anonymous   | |2008-12-15 20:13:03
Quite the contrary Barbara, If I recollect you were the one chastising Ms.
Patry, not other bloggers, for highlighting her indicators for a possible
assassination attempt. My comment was " I caution your readers therefore
not to insult Ms. Patry for forecasting what she sees as indicators. If you want
your own world views homogenized and validated find a political site where you
can vent and rail. In the greater scheme of things, no one is right, no one

is wrong, As astrology proves, things work in cycles" I stand by what I
said and owe no one an apology, except Joni, for eating up her blog space. Joni
is a practicing astrologer who has forecasted what she has seen, quite neutrally
I dare say. My point is that there are innumerable astrological site in the
blogosphere where you can find astrologers who will readily and all too
complacently validate that political point of view with lavish and rather
pedantic interpretations using partial astrological technique. It is easy to
find the "me too" astrosites. Why rant here about a balanced perspective
unless you are on the hunt? I make a distinction, quite clearly between
political viewpoints versus astrological interpretation. I do not find mention
in your posts that you are an astrologer. Nor did I post here an astrological
analysis of Obama. However, my full astrological analysis of Barack Obama's
natal chart can be found on a number of web sites. It was very kind to him and
quite balanced. My personal political opinion of his lack of transparency on
the issue of being a "natural born citizen" is and will be relentless,
since I prefer to uphold the constitution rather than a politician. If he
produces the requisite documents I will moderate my political opinion to reflect
whatever the truth is. I do not delude myself or anyone else. And kindly do not
call me pa...
chiron   | |2008-12-15 20:14:21
chart can be found on a number of web sites. It was very kind to him and quite
balanced. My personal political opinion of his lack of transparency on the
issue of being a "natural born citizen" is and will be relentless, since
I prefer to uphold the constitution rather than a politician. If he produces the
requisite documents I will moderate my political opinion to reflect whatever the
truth is. I do not delude myself or anyone else. And kindly do not call me pal.
I doubt if we would enjoy each others company.
Barbara  - Chiron you are wrong.   | |2008-12-16 14:48:33
Chiron,I was not now or in the past chastising Joni.I was stating facts that I
understand to be true in response to inacuracies posted by another
blogger.Yes,in past blogs you have stated that you are an astrologer, and you
have intimated your neutrality. You are clearly not neutral.It also apears, you
have no tolerance for facts or views other people may post that do not support
your world view.It appears that you are so astounding arrogant that it is easy
for you to delude yourself.I stand by my original statement.You criticize other
for someting you do yourself.
Anonymous   | |2008-12-16 16:14:50
Barabara not only chastising Judy, but being Judgemental as your heading then
stated "Judgenment back at you" and then the phrase "If you looked
any further than your own diatribe of hate."
I didn't read hate into what
Judy stated or Joni inferred. A harsh interpretation of the haze surrounding
Obama that Judy prefers to interpret one way and you another. Many things about
this man are subject to interpretation since he has chosen to keep many things
about his past secretive and unavailable. However in November posting I never
addressed you. My comments were in general. However if you feel like you need
to be Obama's Rottweiler, fine. But it is not me who is disinclined to consider
other's opinion's. rather I maintain that the left with this election has
adopted the tactics of the right and have so chosen to wallow in the mud of
couterpunch and invective and that is exactly the lesson Joni is illustrating
in this analysis. Arrogance is as arrogance does and I suggest you take a hard
look in the mirror or at least reread what Judy posted. I don't think she was
wishing for anything.
SimoneSays  - humble student     | |2008-12-17 02:50:13
Holy Toledo! Have I unknowingly stumbled upon the Titans of Astrology, slugging
it out in the astro-sphere? Do you so-called "professionals" ever read
your own posts to hear just how pompous and self important you sound?
there is a reason that Joni inserted the following line from her predictions in
bold: "We need to watch that our judgments do not turn into resentments that
could separate us from the truth. The need to be right must not outweigh the
need to be compassionate and loving."
Shame on you Chiron and Kalidas,
whoever you are! You are both acting like petulant children. Joni's comment page
is no place for you to carry on, each of you ignoring the other's wish to be
heard. Take your disagreements into a back alley and leave the rest of us in
chiron   | |2008-12-17 11:37:48
Thanks for calling a time out Simone.

Happy Holidays to you and one and all
and blesings in 2009.
Cara  - thanks   | |2008-12-17 14:44:17

Thanks for the wonderful message about personal responsibility.
Kalidas  - Simone   | |2008-12-17 15:05:00
This is a disagreement on principles. Have you thought for a moment that a
selfish peace is not always the best course of action? Compassion sometimes
entails conflict. Was it compassionate for us to ignore the bloodshed in
Rwanda? Is it compassionate for us to ignore the Darfur massacres? Is it
compassionate for us to ignore the poverty in our own country? We can all hold
hands and sing Kumbaya as suggested but this will accomplish only delayed
destruction rather than catharsis and healing. Happiness is a frivolous and
ephemeral goal. Anyone with an awakened mind feels nothing but heartbreak right

The comments by Chiron, Barbara and I are appropriate to the topic that
the poster wrote about so I am not sure why you think what you are contributing
to the discussion by wading in with your ad hominems and scare quotes. It is
not petulant to disagree and not pompous to argue one's point of view with
passion. To discuss the hypothesis of a post is exactly what an open comments
section is for. Nothing compels you to read it if it offends your rarefied

Respectfully, you can keep your chastisement to yourself and respond with
substance and decorum if you are capable of it. There were no personal attacks
between Chiron and myself. I think we are capable of reasoned disagreement
without having you insult our intelligence.
chiron   | |2008-12-18 12:43:39
Sorry to break the peace, however the announcement that Rick Warren would speak
at the Obama inauguration is a callous and alarming indication of mistrust
placed in this man by many, many people. Rather than a symbol of inclusiveness,
this sends a message of distrust, false pretense and aversion to real civil
liberty. For a black man to fail to realize the importance of symbolism in a
civil rights struggle is pure arrogance and blind politics as usual.
Doug Riemer  - Onwer     | |2008-12-28 15:42:59
There's an great irony, an inherent contradiction. You reference J.F.K., a
transformational leader who continues to this day to influence our beliefs and
bring hope. Then you claim the incoming President cannot also inspire the
population, leading the country out of an economic, social and political morass
-- that "If people want change in their lives they must do it for
Reading between the Lines   | |2009-01-09 18:03:15
From reading many of the comments, they are very narrow only looking at the US.
World predictions and change may involve events in other parts of the world that
reverberate in the US. Islam vs. Western Civilization; India vs. Pakistan;
Russia vs. U.S.; the effects of a US-EU recession on China, Asia or Latin
America; not expanding our knowledge by only listening to biased outlets (print,
electric, internet, TV media) that support our beliefs instead of challenging us
to dig deeper in search of the essence of the message not just the perceived
reaffirmation, i.e. blind faith to propaganda and unwillingness to listen to
opposing rational views or stepping outside of our comfort zone whether it is
real or imagined; change could be a clash of civilizations or the fight within
ourselves to expand our knowledge and understanding.

Change-makin g or
becoming distinctly different; transformation of external form or inner nature
in function, form and/or condition.
NObama4Me   | |2009-01-18 01:04:42
OldMayFly wrote: "I think the quote is exact--if not, please correct. Obama
said, "We are the
change we have been waiting for." "

Actually this
is closer to Ghandi's saying. Obama said: "We are the ones we've been
waiting for." Or rather, he STOLE it from the Hopi Indians.

Indeed, most
of his best lines were/are shamelessly STOLEN from other people. "Yes, we
can!" was stolen from Caesar Chavez. "The Audacity of Hope" from
Jeremiah Wright, etc., etc., etc.

The guy is simply a fraud. All style and no
substance. He is not smart. He is simply good a posing as s smart person.
(Likewise, Bush-Cheney-Rummy are not patriotic, but adeptly pose as a true-blue
patriots.) Two years ago, mainstream news articles were justifiably calling
Obama an air-head, applying terms like "style over substance" and so on.

Leftists like Chomsky and Nader, as well as Jesse Jackson who wanted "to
cut Obama's balls off", are simply astounded at how naive Obama's followers
are and how they fall for his vacuous rhetoric about "hope" and

P.S. Obama stole the theme of "Change" from John
Edward's 2004 campaign and that of "Hope" from Bill Clinton's 1992
campaign and of course also from Jesse Jackson's 1988 campaign.
Dakini   | |2009-01-19 22:15:59
I would like all of us who have read and posted in this blog to take a moment
and ask that love and compassion guide us through this and to try in 2009 to be
betterbeings accepting others and ourselves. We are going to need these virtues
to help us all make it through these changing times. The wisest word is silence
the language of the Gods.
saba   | |2009-01-23 15:02:43
Amen to "Silence" time will tell!
NObama4Me   | |2009-01-25 03:29:07
Justice is more important than "Silence".

Sorry, but we always have to
fight for justice: It is none other than "silence" which permits the
existence of dictators like Hitler, Saddam or for that matter Bush-Cheney and
their blood lust and insatiable thirst for Arab oil.

If Obama is indeed a
fraud, then we must speak out against him. And NOT stay silent. Remember, he's
the same guy who:

1. Savaged Hillary over Geraldine Ferraro (who was 100%
correct) and then savaged her again when she (justifiably) went after him on
Jeremiah "God Damn America" Wright. A massive contradiction of Obama's
part, as usual. No?

2. Obama said he would not wear flag pins, but is now the
biggest flag pin wearing fool. You know what they say: "Patriotism is the
last refuge of a scroundrel." For Bush & Obama, it is in fact the

3. Obama was against Bush's FISA bill, then he was for it.

4. Obama
persistently trashed Bill Clinton during the primaries, only to turn around and
invoke the Clinton Admin's tremendous successes during the general election.
His presidency is nothing less than a 3rd Bill Clinton term--or he's trying to
be. His cabinet and advisors are all Clintonites--including Hillary herself.
If Obama succeeds, then it will be for this reason ALONE: He's copying Bill
Clinton on virtually everything, right down to hiring Bill's eminently competent
people. (If there were no term limits, Bill Clinton would be in his 5th term
now and we'd have universal health care, erased the national debt,
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/gal gas,
etc. Mind you, at the end of FDR's second term, the economy was still a GIANT

5. Obama correctly asserted early in the primaries that countries like
Iran and Venezuela were not a threat, and accordingly mocked the Republicans for
their constant baseless fear mongering and scapegoating. But typical Obama, ...
vijay lala  - NONE   | |2009-01-25 09:32:00
vijay lala   | |2009-01-25 09:40:24
Kartikeya  - vedic astrologer     | |2009-01-26 11:24:45
Hi to all,
I congratulate to Joni's wise wordsand as a Vedic astrologer with
some Western influence - working with nakshatras as well as outer planets - I
endorese every word of this excellent article. The point is, the age of Pisces
is still here, and people want to believe. Political beliefs now are just as
inflamed in the US as they are in my native Hungary. People are divided into
two, because Pluto is in Sagittarius (Mula), opposite Gemini, which is the sign
of projections among others. The only positive way to resolve this is to turn to
spirituality inside... Certainly, I personally like Obama a lot more than Bush
(whose chart analysis I published in 2004 around the second elections),
nevertheless, the year 2009 WILL be full of turmoil. And Obama's chart does not
provide as much hope as his speeches. Nevertheless, now he is the leader of our
nation and I wish he could be spared the fate of Kennedy. How many of us can go
so deep as to contact the Transcendent by meditation, prayer, drumming etc? I
respect anyone's religion as long as they are not intolerant and fanatical. But
these days it is not easy... I hope when Uranus enters Pisces there will be a
ray of hope in the filed of beliefs as well... G'd bless you all - Om namah
Elizabeth   | |2009-01-30 18:03:52
Very powerful insights, Joni. May we all rise above illusions and get in touch
with our true light filled nature.
Acharya   | |2009-02-06 05:07:22
I went through your article and found it very disappointing. You have given your
impressions and surmises without any relevant backing from astrology texts.
There are no predictions at all. Since when has Vedic astrology started
considering the effects of trans saturnine planets like Neptune? If you really
want to see how predictions are made please pick up a copy of the annual number
of 'The astrological Magazine'.
Those are hard predictions that one can believe
in and verify at the end of the year. 60% accuracy is all that is needed.
major reason why you have not given any concrete predictions is because you are
afraid that they may be wrong and may come to haunt you in December 2009.
astrology has all the tools available to make accurate predictions. I suggest
you spend some time studying horary astrology before embarking on your
predictive stuff.
I apologize if I sound harsh in my appraisal. I would accept
even wrong predictions if they are backed with proper reasoning. None of us is
perfect in this world but what you have served is candyfloss. Too much volume
very little sugar.
webadmin  - Astrological Charts     | |2009-02-17 22:00:44
Dear Acharya,

Thank you for the comments. Please know Joni most definitely
uses Vedic astrological charts as the basis for her predictions and comments.
However, that isn't obvious when reading this one article.

The astrology
charts Joni uses, along with her in-depth predictions regarding the specific
aspects for each month, are in her "News from the Stars" e-newsletters -
which are also in her blog.

We have added a note with links to the blog in
hopes it will make viewing the charts and Joni's specific predictions more

Thanks again for bringing this to our attention.
Marilyn   | |2009-08-02 00:18:49
Please re-read and contemplate what Joni has written... If we continue to judge,
debate, and find fault with what is "Outside of us", the message has
been lost. The spark of light is in every soul. By increasing our own light
through our compassion, tolerance, love, respect, harmony, etc. and raising our
individual vibration, we elevate the planet as a whole. Are we not each a piece
of "One" magnificent soul, with a purpose and contribution to make for
the greater good? Let us respect, appreciate, and find joy in our
differences... We're blazing the path for the new way of BEing!
LJ  - Change   | |2009-08-07 12:09:12
I agree that this is a powerful word and must be used carefully. Unfortunately
it has been misused by powerful politicians for their own purposes. We are
seeing the negative results among the masses. People are angry and waking up
to new realities. I pray the forthcoming revolution won't be bloody.
kisshor kumar  - 2012 newsletter wanted.   | |2009-10-27 21:50:14
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